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Creating Digital Assistants that improve knowledge transfer and internal communications on Microsoft Teams
How Honest Burgers have leveraged Workplace and The Bot Platform to create a suite of automated tools.
Deploying custom bots that handle crisis response, important alerts, employee recognition and much more.
How Ennismore are using Workplace and bots to transform internal communication and collaboration.
How bots on Workplace are helping Moneypenny to engage staff, build culture and give back to the community.
How bots on Workplace helped Dixons Carphone involve 24,000 colleagues in defining their new corporate values.
Globe Telecom, APAC

Globe Telecom increased employee recognition by 900% year on year.

What will you improve?
How Clarins UK Group, are using bots on Workplace to increase productivity and better connect with their employees.
Using bots to better distribute news to staff and crowdsource updates from the frontlines
How Ports of Jersey built a suite of digital assistants improving Internal Comms on Microsoft Teams.
Learn how Flight Centre Travel Group use bots to improve the onboarding experience, track time, and assist employees when returning to work.
How WW is using bots on Workplace to celebrate staff and create a culture of peer-to-peer recognition and positivity.
How a French Soccer Club are using bots to automate event communication and connect staff to leadership.
Honest Burgers, EMEA

Honest Burgers saw a 15.6x positive ROI within the first year.

What ROI will you see?
How Mariner Wealth Advisors are using bots to improve information delivery, knowledge sharing, and communication.
How Citizens Advice are using Workplace and bots to change the way people work and be more productive.
How LeadingAgile are using Workplace and bots to automate and scale onboarding, and engage with staff.
How Countdown are using bots to communicate with frontline workers and increase engagement on Workplace.
Using bots to build better procurement and finance processes on Microsoft Teams
How bots and Workplace are helping a community of personal trainers to grow and scale their businesses.
Ennismore, Global

93% of Ennismore staff use 2+ bots a month.

What will you build?
Learn how Innosis used The Bot Platform to build tools that helps better utilise Microsoft Teams for their workforce.
How DFS are using The Bot Platform to automate internal communication and improve collaboration.
How Wake Up Warrior are using bots to increase member engagement and save staff time

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