Bringing a new perspective to Human Resources

How bots on Workplace are helping Moneypenny to engage staff, build culture and give back to the community.

Key stats and facts

75% survey response rate within 24 hours

98% staff participation in charitable initiatives

80% more time efficient than previous methods

The challenge

Moneypenny was founded with one goal in mind – to leave their clients and customers smiling after every phone call. They manage over 15 million calls and live chats for over 13,000 clients, ranging from sole traders to multinationals, in the UK and US. Their well-known reputation for delivering engaged and inspired personal assistants comes from their modern approach to human resources, culture building, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Moneypenny’s HR team is all about putting their people first. They want to create a great culture that drives engagement and makes staff proud to work at Moneypenny. They use Workplace to connect their staff around the world and want to use The Bot Platform to build bespoke automation tools and digital assistants that increase employee engagement, improve company morale, support their CSR initiatives and gather feedback on how to make their employee’s lives even better.

During the pandemic, Moneypenny also used The Bot Platform to rapidly deploy bots that allowed their staff to quickly and seamlessly transition into remote working and helped Moneypenny’s central HR team check in with staff to ensure they were doing ok during the pandemic, both physically and mentally.

The solutions

Moneypenny has been able to rapidly build and launch digital assistants that allow them to connect with staff in a meaningful, fulfilling and efficient way. Browse some of the solutions they’ve built using The Bot Platform below.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Moneypenny have built using The Bot Platform

Business impact

Using The Bot Platform, Moneypenny have built over 70 bots that help with a wide range of tasks and improves the employee experience for all staff – whether it be related to working operations, crisis response and management, company culture or charitable initiatives.

The ease of use of The Bot Platform has allowed Moneypenny’s HR team to quickly and easily build and launch their own technology solutions and integrate them with Workplace from Meta.

Each bot has had positive impacts on staff engagement, program participation and awareness and process completions – while also saving their central teams time and money in development costs.

Just 1 hour after sending out surveys using a bot they see a 58% response rate, and this increases to 75% of all staff within 24 hours. Automated nudges then help this response rate jump even further, with no manual follow ups required from their HR teams.

Their charitable initiatives see a 98.5% participation rate from staff and over 600 Christmas gifts bought for local underprivileged children. Meanwhile, 64% of staff used the charity auction bot to place a bid and help raise thousands of pounds for charity – all while taking up 80% less time to organise than previous methods.

Here's what Emma had to say

Emma Davies

The Bot Platform fits really well with how we work at Moneypenny and the level of support you guys offer. We’re always looking to partner with those types of companies.

Emma Davies
Working Life Analyst

Emma Davies

With TBP, I could build these bots myself, and I had the freedom to experiment on my own. I can create a solution for the problems I see every day in a matter of minutes. You were so appealing because anyone can do it. It wouldn’t take up our IT or our Development team’s time – I can do it myself.

Emma Davies
Working Life Analyst

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