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Employee innovation

Easily and quickly gather knowledge, insights and ideas from your workforce.
Gather knowledge and insights 

Ensuring your staff have a channel through which they can suggest ideas and give feedback is essential; employees want to be heard and companies need to react quickly. According to a survey conducted by Sideways6, 82% of employees agree they have ideas to make their company better but 18% of employees report feeling too afraid to put them forward.

Using The Bot Platform, you can easily create a continuous improvement engine that allows staff to submit their ideas and feedback directly within Workplace from Meta or Microsoft Teams. Once submitted, these details can then be automatically directed to the relevant decision makers or departments for review and action.

Key screens and features

See an employee innovation bot in action

Main Benefits

How can an Employee Innovation program help you?

Open up communication
Give voice to the frontline
Increase participation
Save & share suggestions
Connect the company
Schedule regular idea pushes
Ennismore, Global

See how Ennismore tap into the ideas and experiences of frontline staff.

What will you build?

Build your own employee innovation tools with The Bot Platform

Easily create your own ideas tools and integrate them with Workplace from Meta, Microsoft Teams or any digital communication platform of your choice.

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