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Mariner Wealth Advisors

Improving comms around technology roll outs

How Mariner Wealth Advisors are using bots to improve information delivery, knowledge sharing, and communication.

Key stats and facts

93% more effective stand-up process

25% faster benefit sign up time

100% successful phone system roll out to 35 offices

The challenge

Using bots on Workplace, Mariner Wealth is connecting their staff, saving time and speeding up information transfer across their workforce.

Justin Stolberg, Senior Manager on their IT helpdesk, manages everything from user support to user experience across the organization, was looking for an easy-to-use solution to help manage one of the largest department initiatives of the year.

The IT department was tasked with overhauling their phone system with a new unified service for their 35 locations. As you can imagine, implementing 35 new phone systems across 685 people who were previously on four or five different phone providers was a massive undertaking.

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform Mariner Wealth were able to create a series of automated tools and assistants that lived on Workplace – of which the first was the RC Rollout Bot.

Click below to explore some of the solutions Mariner Wealth have built using The Bot Platform

Business impact

By using bots on Workplace, Mariner Wealth are creating automated tools that help with internal communication, knowledge and information transfer, team management, staff collaboration, new technology rollouts and HR comms – all while saving their staff time and helping them be more productive at work.

Bots have helped create more efficient stand up meetings, faster open enrollment sign ups and more successful technology rollouts.

Here's what Justin had to say

Justin Stolberg

Before bots we would have been blasting staff with emails, hoping they read information posted to our intranet, and spending huge amounts of time replying to and helping different employees along the roll out. Using a bot, we were able to simplify everything, automate the comms process and put all the relevant information in one place for our staff.

Justin Stolberg
Senior Manager, IT help desk

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