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In this article we talk about the benefits of a well trained workforce, the costs and risks of staff not fully understanding internal technology tools, and how digital assistants can help.
4 benefits from workplace training and development that help employees become more efficient.
There are a number of things that CIOs and IT managers need at the moment, starting with a good dose of empathy and understanding from the workers they serve, as well as more support and resources from senior leadership teams to help IT teams feel less stressed and more on top of their workloads and responsibilities.
With SHRM reporting that the average cost to hire an employee is $4,129, it’s imperative that companies become au fait with retaining the employees they have through training and ensuring they have a strong appeal to any potential new hires.
Wellbeing at work has become one of the main focuses during the last few years, company-wide initiatives are often rolled out to help support and improve the day-to-day lives of everyday working staff, but for employees returning to work after a long period of time off, employers need to take a different tact
Technology is here to provide a much needed helping hand in the form of digital assistants that can automate the manual work that takes up huge amounts of HR team’s time, and streamline processes to provide better, more instant and accessible HR tools for staff.
How Honest Burgers have leveraged Workplace and The Bot Platform to create a suite of automated tools.
Ensure your staff are set up for success and comfortable with using Microsoft Teams.
Reboard staff returning to work after long term leave, share relevant resources and check in with them over time.
Create an interactive learning guide that lives in Workplace, Slack or Microsoft Teams.
How bots and automated assistants can help guide your staff around key groups, channels and online communities.
42% of HR teams recently reported feeling overwhelmed. Here’s how bots and digital assistants can help support them and the colleagues they serve.