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Training and development

Create an interactive learning guide that lives in Workplace or Microsoft Teams.
Encourage company  training

Investing in the professional development of your staff is vital for team retention, with 94% of employees saying they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

As well as reducing turnover, an effective approach to company training can also improve employee performance, boost culture and morale, enhance company reputation, increase innovation and help identify future leaders.

Employees are a company’s biggest asset and investing in talent is vital to ensure business growth and success for the future. Dedicated training and development fosters employee engagement, and engagement is critical to your company’s financial performance.

Using bots on Workplace or Microsoft Teams, it’s possible to create engaging digital learning experiences that live on the existing platforms your staff are spending their time on – that’s mobile, on-demand and personalized for each staff member.

Key screens and features

See a learning and development assistant in action

Main Benefits

How can a Training Assistant help you?

Promote training to new starters
Encourage consistent learning
Track training completions
Gather feedback on training needs
Increase staff participation
Access across devices
Honest Burgers, EMEA

See how Honest Burgers built their own personalized learning program, Honest College.

What will you build?

Build your own training & development assistant with The Bot Platform

Easily create your own training tools and integrate them with Workplace from Meta, Microsoft Teams or any digital communication platform of your choice.

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