Popular Workplace use cases

Build a better employee experience on Workplace

Browse popular use cases and employee experience solutions being built by companies using Workplace from Facebook.

New starter onboarding

Create seamless onboarding experiences that can be used across devices in a centralized location.

Reopening and back to work

Improve reopening communications, planning and operations to ensure staff are informed and engaged.

Leadership Q&As

Give staff the chance to ask c-suite executives any questions they wouldn’t normally have the chance to ask.

Acronym directories

Create an interactive directory of company acronyms for all to access, anytime and anywhere.

Employee recognition

Highlight core company values and principles and allow staff to vote for colleagues.

Helpdesk and FAQs

Create an automated knowledge bank and store your core company information in one, easily accessible location.

Company announcements

Easily and quickly send business critical updates and news to your whole workforce.

Learning and development

Create an interactive learning guide that lives in Workplace and directs staff to relevant training materials.

Security and compliance

Ensure staff are aware of important security updates, announcements, alert IT teams to incidents.

COVID-19 crisis support

Ensure your workforce is kept up to date on key company announcements and policies during times of crisis.

Employee innovation

Easily and quickly gather knowledge and insights from your workforce, and gain constructive feedback. 

Task tracking

Increase staff productivity by allowing them to plan out their day and identify what they do and don’t have time to do.

Staff surveys

Quickly and accurately get information from your employees – whether that be their mood, satisfaction, and more.

Corporate events

Automate every stage of event communication with your staff and attendees.

Staff morale surveys

Stay on top of company culture, conduct surveys, and gain understanding of how to improve working environments.

Vaccine rollout support

Automatically answer questions from staff, link to relevant HR policies or vaccination booking information.

Goal setting

Set objectives, track progress, encourage and celebrate goal completion – directly within Workplace from Facebook.


Easily and quickly highlight available job openings within your organization and allow your staff to apply.

Holidays and company culture

See how bots on Workplace can drive engagement with your staff and build company culture around the holidays.

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