Popular Microsoft Teams use cases

Empowering Microsoft Teams users around the world

We like to think of bots as digital assistants that help you and your staff to be more productive at work. Our self-serve platform is designed to empower you to solve your business problems and create your very own suite of automated assistants. Below are some of our most popular examples – and templates – of bots you can build on Microsoft Teams.

Teams training assistant

An automated learning guide that takes staff through everything they need to know about Microsoft Teams.

Vaccine rollout support

Automatically answer questions from staff, link to relevant HR policies or vaccination booking information.

New starter onboarding

Create seamless onboarding experiences that can be used across devices in a centralized location.

Staff surveys

Quickly and accurately run employee pulse surveys and gather feedback.

Employee recognition

Highlight core company values and allow staff to vote for colleagues.

Employee innovation

Easily and quickly gather knowledge, insights and ideas from your workforce. 

Company Announcements

Send news to staff and ensure important information is seen and read.

Leadership Q&As

Better connect leadership and allow employees to ask anonymous questions.

Company Acronyms

Create an interactive database of commonly used terminology. 

Learning and Development

Promote learning opportunities and provide personalized training programs.

Company Events

Communicate more effectively with company event staff and attendees.

Microsoft Teams holiday bots

Drive staff engagement and company culture around the holidays.

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