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Have a read to find out more about our new and improved platform.
We’re excited to announce that you can now use The Bot Platform to easily build bots on Slack!
The first two-weeks of an employees’ new role are crucial for retention, employee satisfaction and efficiency.
Our three-step process to gathering genuine, meaningful and actionable feedback from your employees.
For National Stress Awareness Month we’re sharing our favourite initiatives to promote well-being in the workplace and show how automated systems, like our Bots, can support your enterprise.
We explore the benefits of anonymous feedback, and we are also offering a FREE two-month trial to show you just how powerful these anonymous feedback tools can be.
On Friday 3rd March, businesses from all over the World celebrate ‘National Employee Appreciation Day’, in this blog we explain how employee recognition is intrinsically linked to a positive company culture and should be an ongoing priority for business owners, neglected at their peril!
In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we thought it was the perfect time to deep dive into how we can create a great company culture.
By making Employee Engagement one of your main priorities for 2023 you can supercharge your team and become the essential positive force that helps them to start the year with ambition and optimism.
Take a read to find out all about Anonymous Bots, Drip Campaigns, Group Triggers and more.
It’s getting to the time of year HR Departments and workers all over the country quietly dread: the open enrollment period. A necessary yet persistent nuisance for companies nationwide that annually drains important resources, but we have a solution!
See how bots and digital assistants can help improve every aspect of induction, from pre-hire and training to post-hire surveys