Slide REQUEST A DEMO Our no-code platform helps you to Build your own bots on Workplace by Facebook onboard new starters.|

Slide Workplace combines next-generation technology and easy-to-use features to transform communications, culture and workflows inside organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries.

Using Workplace integrations, you can also connect to third party services and build custom features and applications that automate processes and customize what your staff can do using Workplace.
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Slide Using bots, you can build tools that automate help desk enquiries, send company surveys, measure morale, onboard new employees, task tracking, facilitate learning and development courses, enable idea sharing, communicate with event and conference attendees, and much more. Build bespoke work tools with bots Find OUT MORE

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Staff onboarding Company recognition Company announcements Event communication Conducting surveys Measuring morale Crowdsourcing ideas Promoting jobs Answering FAQ Task tracking Running appraisals Explaining acronyms Running compliance Facilitating training Booking shifts Encourage networking Finance and POs Booking time off Health & wellness Workplace training

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Honest Burgers

Creating tools, encouraging learning, and managing crisis comms.

Mariner Wealth Advisors

Improving comms and informational delivery.

WW (Weight Watchers)

Create a culture of peer-to-peer recognition.


Automating and scaling new hire onboarding.

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Slide What sets us apart? Pioneers in automated communication tools and a team of multi award-winning creatives, artists, geeks, musicians, tinkerers, and academics. The Bot Platform is the trusted platform for building bots on Messenger and Workplace by Facebook. Easy to use Our intuitive CMS is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge. Reliable support & expertise We use our expertise in the industry to help you create engaging bots that deliver great business value. 99.9% SLA A scalable cloud infrastructure to handle any number of users. No need to worry about your bot going down with our guaranteed uptime. APIs & integrations Hook into over 1,000 external services thanks to our webhook API, including Google Sheets, Salesforce, Hootsuite and more. ISO 27001 certified Secure InfoSec certifications and UK Government G-Cloud approved. Facebook recommended We are a trusted provider and recommended by Facebook themselves.

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Slide The amount of onboarding that we were doing manually effectively meant it was a full time job. Now, with bots and automation on Workplace, we’re saving up to 80 hours a month and providing a better onboarding experience.” LEADINGAGILE LEARN MORE " Slide More people are responding to messages, engaging in groups, showing up at events ad participating in general areas of our program because of bots." ONE PERCENT GROUP LEARN MORE " Slide With bots, you can create your own tools and features and really personalize the experience your staff are having. Bots allow you to make Workplace yours." ENNISMORE LEARN MORE " Slide I was blown away. Something that used to take up two days of my time every other week had taken me just 10 minutes with the bot." WAKE UP WARRIOR LEARN MORE " Slide It was really good to work with The Bot Platform. The webinar really helped and their customer support was super responsive." DFS LEARN MORE "
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