Create your own automation tools

Our no-code bot building platform makes it easy to create work apps and employee experience tools for your staff on Workplace from Facebook.

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Build a better employee experience

Easily build bespoke work apps, bots and automation tools that integrate with and connect to the systems your staff already use.

Our three uniques

We get it. When it comes to powering businesses and handling sensitive data, security is of utmost importance. That’s why we are ISO 27001 certified, offer a 99.9% uptime SLA and uncapped usage models. Fortune 500 companies around the world trust us, and we’re certain you will too.

We believe that creating digital solutions shouldn’t be limited to those who code. In fact, it’s better for everyone when your team is empowered to build without relying on IT teams or developers. Our customers are always amazed at how easy our platform is to use. Don’t believe us? Book a demo and see for yourself.

Sure, we may look and sound like a software company. But we’re much more than that. We’re a team of experts who will go above and beyond to help you build the best work tools possible. Whether it be training materials, workshops or an average response time of 90 seconds, you can be confident that you’re buying much more than a software license.

build an unlimited number of bots

Create your own custom solutions, without complex coding or tech knowledge

Build your own tools that automate help desk enquiries, measure morale, onboard new employees, facilitate learning and development courses, and much more.

Three dots

Employee recognition

Highlight your company values and encourage staff to participate

Crowdsource ideas

Gather knowledge, feedback, and insights from your workforce

Automate FAQs

Instantly provide answers to questions from your staff and workforce 24/7

Onboard new starters

Efficiently communicate with new staff members, and create intuitive onboarding programs

Conduct surveys

Send surveys to your staff and workforce to find out how they feel about certain topics or issues



Ensure important company news and announcements are seen and acted upon

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Enhance your Workplace from Facebook experience

Create bots that automate processes and content delivery, boost productivity, save staff time and drive company culture. Integrate with third party services and personalise the Workplace experience for your staff.

We're with you every step of the way


Plan and build

We’ll help you plan how your bot will work and map out the structure. Then use our intuitive platform to build from scratch, or start from a template, and connect to your business systems.

Test and launch

Get input from your team on how the bot works and prepare your launch strategy to drive usage and adoption from staff. We’ve got a variety of tools and strategies to ensure staff get maximum value.

Review and refine

Use our analytics dashboard to measure and understand usage. Then refine and improve the experience over time, and add in new features and content being requested by your bot audience.

We're much more than a bot building platform

Yep, you read that right. When you work with us you’re getting much more than just a software provider. 

We provide everything from workshops, training content, regular webinars, bot reviews, customer communities, online and offline events, and much more to ensure you’re building the best bots and work tools possible.

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Don't just take our word for it

Hear what our customers have to say
Chantal Wilson People Director

"As well as saving us time, increasing productivity and improving company culture - The Bot Platform allowed us to save money on external development costs, internal admin and third party tools which accounted for a positive ROI of 15.6X in the first year alone."

Marcos Eleftheriou Head of Culture & Internal Communications - Ennismore

"With bots, you can create your own tools and features and really personalize the experience your staff are having. Bots allow you to make Workplace yours."

Taryn Davino Director Global Organizational Development - WW (Weight Watchers)

"[Our bot] Ripple solved two main problems for us - we are able to recognize people more frequently and we were able to transform our culture."

Frédérique Alverola Director of Human Resources - Olympique de Marseille

"Bots gave our staff a channel to connect with our leadership team. They give people a voice and empower them to ask meaningful questions."

Tim Zack Chief Marketing Officer - LeadingAgile

"The onboarding we were doing manually meant it was a full time job. Now, with bots, we’re saving 80+ hours a month and providing a better onboarding experience.”

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