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The trusted platform for building bots on Workplace by Facebook

Use bots to automate the repetitive HR tasks that prevent your team reaching peak performance.

Workplace development partner
The Bot Platform's HR Ecosystem

Get a fast, accurate understanding of the mood of your Workplace with MoodBot.

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The Bot Platform's HR Ecosystem

In times of crisis, keep employees updated with CrisisBot.

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The Bot Platform's HR Ecosystem

Create an easy transition for new starters in the first weeks of their new role with a New Starter Bot.

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The Bot Platform's HR Ecosystem

Use bots to make HR more efficient - and also more human

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The benefits

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    Manage the entire staff lifecycle

    A suite of pre-packaged bots like MoodBot, New Starter Bot, Training Bot, Management Training Bot and Executive Potential Bot.

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    No coding required

    Use one of our standard templates, or build your own bots using our simple tools.

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    System integrations

    Integrate with corporate systems like Workday or SAP.

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    Adding business automation increases productivity and reduces time spend significantly.

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    Audience tools for internal use

    Analytics, optimisation, compliance management and more.

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    99.9% uptime with SLA

    Have peace of mind about your technology solutions.

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