Corporate events

Communication around corporate events is key to success. For an effective event to run smoothly, communication needs information in the pre-event phase, engagement during the actual event, and reinforcement in the post-event phase. Automate every stage of event communication with your staff and attendees more efficiently with an Event Bot for Microsoft Teams.

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How can a Corporate Events bot help you?

Tailor messaging

Provide content and schedules

Supply logistical information

Drive interactions and feedback

Instantly answer FAQs

How are you communicating with event organizers and attendees?

The landscape of working and running events has been moved to a digital stage. With 39% of event professionals agree that ‘engaging attendees’ is the most crucial element of an event, finding ways to engage and excite people for virtual events has brought in new challenges to face. How can you ensure attendees are engaged before, during, and after the event?


Using an Event Bot, users can quickly create and deploy bespoke bots for their events and conferences. Our Event Bot can keep your staff and attendees updated on a range of topics from travel to event schedules, instantly answer FAQs, provide follow up information and tailor specific messages to different audience groups pre, during and after the event.


Automate event communication

Event Bot allows companies and organizations using Microsoft Teams to easily create bespoke bots for their events and conferences ensuring organizers and attendees are kept up to date and in the know.

Other benefits of bots and automation

Instant access

Allow employees to instantly access to event information, 24/7

Automated experience

Instantly answer commonly asked questions from users

No coding required

Intuitive CMS allows anyone to build and manage their bot

Schedule announcements

Set up alerts and automatically schedule future broadcasts for check-ins

Organisation wide

Quickly roll out event communication across an entire organisation

99.9% uptime SLA

Have peace of mind about your technology solutions

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands and organizations

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