Survey Bot

Quickly and easily send surveys to your staff and workforce to find out how they feel about certain topics or issues.


How are you conducting research with your workforce?

Survey bot allows Workplace admins to get employee input on a range of subjects, whether it be via pre-defined button based responses or open text fields. Surveys can be sent to all employees or specific groups based on their location, department or seniority. The results can be downloaded and saved as well as being automatically visualized using third party tools.


Here's how Survey Bot can help your organization

Gather feedback

Create survey bots in minutes and instantly send them to your workforce.

High read rates

Get a far better read rate than other survey channels and tools.

Better engagement

See increased response rates and survey engagement from staff.

Segment, Schedule And Remind

Broadcast surveys to specific groups of employees, schedule when surveys are sent and remind staff to participate.

Improve culture

Involve your staff and frontline employees by asking their opinions on company issues.

Data & analytics

Monitor employee engagement, access reporting tools and export data to third party services.

Other benefits

Instant access

Access the responses instantly and download the results.

Automated experience

Automatically communicate with and hear from your staff.

No coding required 

Use pre-built templates and an easy-to-use CMS.

Help and Support

A team of experts ready to help you build the best bots possible.

Analytics and tools

Data, optimisation, compliance management and more.

99.9% uptime SLA

Have peace of mind about your technology solutions.

Part of The Bot Platform's suite of Workplace Bots

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands and organizations

Benefits of bots


Instantly reply to your employees, automate repetitive tasks and FAQs and handle large volumes of requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Familiar UI

Capitalize on the ease of use and familiarity of conversational design on platform agnostic channels that can be experienced across desktop and mobile.


Communicate at scale through a conversational and 1-to-1 medium and develop bespoke, personalized message interactions with your specific audiences.

Want to learn more?

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