Q&A bot

Allow staff to connect with c-suite in a transparent and scalable way with an engaging Q&A program that allows employees to ask anonymous questions to leadership teams.


Create an open two-way dialogue between staff and c-suite

According to Workplace from Facebook’s ‘Deskless not Voiceless’ research, only 14% of staff feel connected to their business HQ and this drops to just 3% when referring to the C-Suite and leadership teams. And, according to a recent study done by VitalSmarts, one in three leaders are seen by their direct reports as someone who fails to engage in dialogue when the stakes get high.

When leaders fail to open a channel of communication, staff are left feeling isolated and voiceless. But creating a way for staff to ask questions to leadership can be difficult to set up, hard to scale, make staff feel awkward and put leaders in potentially difficult positions.

Fortunately, using a Leadership Q&A bot, staff can submit anonymous questions and have them assigned to the relevant leader or department for review. These questions can then be moderated in private before being answered either on Workplace or in person at the next company meeting.

Here's how a Leadership Q&A bot can help your company

Create a safe space for employees to feel heard

Allow Q&A’s to be anonymous and eliminate barriers to participation

Increase transparency and trust between leadership and staff

Direct questions to the relevant people or departments

Collect questions ahead of time to allow leadership time to review

Collect feedback on ways to improve the Q&A program

Other benefits

Instant access

Access the responses instantly and download the results.

Automated experience

Automatically communicate with and hear from your staff.

No coding required 

Use pre-built templates and an easy-to-use CMS.

Help and Support

A team of experts ready to help you build the best bots possible.

Analytics and tools

Data, optimisation, compliance management and more.

99.9% uptime SLA

Have peace of mind about your technology solutions.

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