New starter onboarding on Microsoft Teams

An onboarding assistant allows new employees to get access to information quickly, easily, and in a centralized location, while allowing HR/Management to drip-feed specific training and information over time.


Build consistent onboarding experiences that can be used across devices,  schedule information and new materials over time, and quickly understand an employee’s comprehension of their training.

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How can an onboarding assistant help you?

Welcome new hires

Provide information

Drip-feed training

Test learnings

Track morale

Save HR time

The importance of consistent onboarding

When it comes to onboarding new starters, or even reboarding, there are levels of complexity that can overwhelm even the most organized HR teams. Every new starter is unique and deserves an individual experience catered to their specific job role needs.



Onboarding a new starter is the first impression a company can make with new hires. With 69% of employees being more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding, ensuring new hires are introduced to your company properly has never been more important. Effective onboarding solutions is the number one weapon for employee retention. 

An onboarding assistant helps HR and operational teams induct new staff quickly, ensuring they’re quickly brought up to speed and allowing them to start getting to work with minimum confusion or mistakes.

Quickly and efficiently communicate with new staff members, create intuitive onboarding programs, drip-feed training, and test their knowledge through quizzes and games.

You can instantly see training progress and identify what new starters are asking for and needing, creating a cohesive and inclusive consistent onboarding experience. 

Onboarding ms teams

For new starters, the first few weeks in a new organisation are a struggle with information overload.

Using our platform, businesses have been able to cut training into bite-sized pieces, delivered over multiple days, to give the new starter time to absorb. Provided via a single, interlinked interface, there is no coding or tech skills required to launch your own new starter bot, or to an entirely new one from scratch.

Other benefits of bots and automation

Instant access

Allow employees to instantly access training materials, 24/7

Automated experience

Automatically remind users to finish incomplete training

No coding required

Intuitive CMS allows anyone to build and manage their bot

Schedule training

Set up alerts and automatically schedule future training

Organisation wide

Quickly roll out training across an entire organisation

99.9% uptime SLA

Have peace of mind about your technology solutions

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands and organizations

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