Employee recognition

Employee recognition bot allows you to highlight core
company values and principles as well as allowing staff
to vote for colleagues and team members who have
gone above and beyond.

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How can an Employee Recognition bot help you?

Reiterate core values

Encourage staff engagement

Increase motivation

Provide transparency

Improve company culture

Regularly reinforce sought-after behaviors

Employee Recognition bot helps companies reiterate their core company values while also providing a platform for staff to nominate their colleagues for employee of the month or other similar work recognition programs. An easily editable template allows you to quickly reinforce specific behaviors you want to encourage and ask a series of questions that identifies who is being nominated and examples of how the things they’ve done have inspired their colleagues and helped the business.


Nominations sent via the bot can be saved to a centralized location, spreadsheet or third party system and line managers alerted whenever someone is nominated.

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Peer-led recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition encourages employees to make deeper, personal connections with their team members and to thank them for their contributions, either privately or publicly.


Build a bot that allows staff to share personalized thank you notes with their colleagues or pick from a series of pre-approved company recognition templates. Easily keep track of staff who have received and given the most recognition.

Value-led recognition

In a recent survey, 89% of HR leaders agreed that ongoing recognition tied to core company values is the most effective. Having staff think about company values when recognising their colleagues not only makes those values seem more real and tangible, but also better integrates them into every day working life.


Create a guided experience on Workplace or Microsoft Teams that allows staff to nominate colleagues and assign specific company values to their actions and achievements.

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Company awards

Create a more pointed moment of time when employees are rewarded and recognised with a bot that allows staff to nominate colleagues for specific awards.


Staff can nominate colleagues and include additional details as to why they deserve the reward, or vote on a shortlist of candidates. Award categories could include stand out team, best project, inspiring leader, unsung hero, outstanding contribution, or any others you could think of!

Other benefits of bots and automation

Instant access

Allow employees to instantly access the recognition program, 24/7

Automated experience

Automatically remind users to partake in the program

No coding required

Intuitive CMS allows anyone to build and manage their bot

Schedule broadcast

Set up broadcast and automatically sent out to the whole company

Organisation wide

Quickly roll out your recognition program across an entire organisation

99.9% uptime SLA

Have peace of mind about your technology solutions

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