Honest Burgers

Creating automation tools that encourage learning and keep staff informed during times of crisis.
Project Objective:

Automation and crisis support


Honest Burgers

Project Completion:

Mid, March 2020


Using bots to improve personalized learning, crisis management, and information delivery

The staff at Honest Burgers – or family as they like to call it – operate under the values to strive for simplicity, be uncompromising on quality, work collaboratively, and champion old school hospitality. Every single one of those values can be seen in those who stand behind a desk to those who stand behind a grill.


To keep this family running like the tight-knit and efficient machine they are, Honest Burgers has been able to leverage Workplace from Facebook and The Bot Platform to create a suite of automated tools available to everyone within their organization.

The challenge

As a pioneer of Workplace, Honest Burgers is one of those companies who understand what tools and features to leverage for specific projects or tasks. When we first sat down to chat about the future of bots at Honest Burgers, they were looking for bots to aid in personalized learning, as well as manage surveys and send out important broadcasts.


While most of our customers come to us with a use case or two, Honest Burger bot builders Dub Lee (Learning Architect) and Daniel Davis (Engagement and Communication Manager) quickly became champions of the platform and created a suite of Workplace solutions for their team of 700+ to leverage every day and during times of crisis, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The solutions

Like a lot of other restaurant brands the COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of unforeseen difficulties and endless hurdles to jump. Always up for the challenge, Dub and Dan were able to create multiple bots and update the flows on ones they were already using to help address their immediate business and communication needs.


Two of their frequently used bots – Honest Collaborator and Honest College – became one of the main vehicles for communication around COVID-19 and performed multiple functions:

Business impact

Arguably the largest business impact Honest Burgers saw from using bots on Workplace was the ability to keep their community a family during a time of crisis. Alongside COVID-19 communication and operations, Honest Burgers has seen improved internal processes, enhanced collaboration between office staff and frontline workers, and improved their learning and development system.


Honest Collaborator has resulted in cost savings and efficiencies with event communication and ticket management, while Honest College resulted in a 100% compliance completion rate that allowed them to successfully reopen restaurants in just six days – a goal that had never been achieved through traditional e-learning.


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positive ROI achieved within the first year
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delivery rate on important COVID-19 broadcasts
messages sent on Honest Collaborator
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engagement rate from staff on Honest Ops
This entire pandemic would be over before we would have been able to talk to every staff member if we didn't have bots. You guys were the thing to hold our communication together and this wouldn't have been possible without TBP. I can't think of how many valuable people we might have lost.
Dub Lee
Dub Lee
Learning Architect

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