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Using bots to supercharge the employee experience

Globe Telecom initially started working with The Bot Platform in response to the operational challenges being caused by Coronavirus. They had an urgent need to build bespoke tools that would help keep their 8300 employees and frontline staff safe and informed. 


In a matter of days they were able to deploy custom bots that handled contact tracing, important alerts, emergency resources and pulse surveys. After seeing the success of this, they then turned their attention to other areas of the business where bots on Workplace could help – including company recognition, help desk automation and much more.

The challenge

As an essential business in the Philippines, Globe Telecom had to continue operating to ensure that their customers stayed connected to family, friends and colleagues and could access the information that mattered most to them. 


But staying open in these new working conditions also meant they needed to ensure that their staff stayed safe.


With a 98% adoption rate on Workplace from Facebook, Globe Telecom already had a channel where their staff could be reached – whether they be in the office, at home or on the shop floor. The problem was the sheer amount of work involved in delivering such vital information to thousands of distributed staff was too much for the Globe Telecom team to handle manually. And with things changing on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis they needed to use technology to help them adapt and respond in time.

Our staff LOVE our bots - DUDE, WANDA and DANI have personalities and are all seen as fellow colleagues at Globe Telecom, not just boring work apps.
Mark Dimaisip
Employee Engagement Manager

The solutions

Using The Bot Platform Globe Telecom’s Employee Experience team were able to rapidly plan, build and launch tools that would keep their staff safe and informed throughout the pandemic.


In just 8 days they created their digital usher for disasters and emergencies, fittingly named DUDE, that handled everything from sending important updates and ensuring staff can access helpful resources, to answering staff questions and ensuring contact tracing policies were being followed correctly. 

Business impact

One of the biggest impacts of using The Bot Platform for Globe Telecom has been the speed and agility in which it’s enabled them to respond and react to an unprecedented crisis that’s impacted every employee across the organisation. By empowering members of their Employee Experience team to easily build their own work tools, they’ve been able to solve communication and operational challenges with bespoke software solutions that they’ve created themselves. And, as well as helping non-technical staff, The Bot Platform has also helped their IT team quickly deploy digital assistants and integrate processes into Workplace. 


DUDE was built in just 8 days and serves as a welcomed digital colleague being used by 76% of staff at Globe Telecom every day. 

Pulse surveys sent by bots on Workplace resulted in a 150% increase in responses from staff without the need for leaderboards posts or follow ups. 


And Wanda has generated a 330% increase in Thank You’s from staff while only being live for 5 months.  

They are now turning their attention to other use cases including learning and development, onboarding, offboarding and events.



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For someone who is innovative and has ideas on how to improve the employee experience, it's really frustrating not being able to code and build tools that will help. The Bot Platform solves that. What took us a year with a previous partner only took us 2 months with TBP, and we built a contact tracing tool in just 8 days. That’s incredible.
Vicky M
Vicky Marquez
Employee Engagement Expert

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