Improving company comms and informational delivery

Mariner provides people with the information they need to make informed decisions that lead to a healthier financial life. In order to best serve their customers and meet this vision they need to provide their own staff with the best tools and access to financial information possible. Using bots on Workplace, Mariner Wealth are connecting their staff, saving time and speeding up information transfer across their workforce.


Mariner Wealth Advisors is a financial firm dedicated to assisting clients with all of their financial needs. To do this, their 685 staff and advisors need reliable and efficient technology to work successfully across 35 different locations within the U.S.

Justin Stolberg, Senior Manager on their IT helpdesk, manages everything from user support to user experience across the organization, and was looking for an easy-to-use solution to help manage one of the largest department initiatives of the year.

The IT department was tasked with overhauling their phone system with a new unified service for all 35 locations. As you can imagine, implementing 35 new phone systems across 685 people who were previously on four or five different phone providers was a massive undertaking.


Using The Bot Platform, Mariner Wealth were able to create a series of automated tools and assistants that lived on Workplace – of which the first was the RC Rollout bot.

RC Rollout bot

The RC Rollout Bot performed three main functions:

  • Provide information on when the new phone system (RingCentral) would be implemented in each office
  • Send relevant training materials on how the new phone systems worked
  • Gather requests and provide answers to questions from staff

The RC Rollout bot helped the IT department improve communication around the project by using broadcasts to alert the company and then remind each department before the roll out took place. The bot also then distributed the necessary training materials to ensure a smooth transition.

The bot also automatically answered enquiries from staff about the roll out, whether they be questions before the switch took place or troubleshooting/FAQs after the new phone systems had been installed. The bot also posted any questions that couldn’t be answered automatically to a private IT group on Workplace where a member of the IT team was then able to review the question and answer accordingly.

By creating the RC Rollout bot, Mariner Wealth were able to easily communicate the roll out of a major technology change with as minimal disruption to staff as possible.

HD Stand-up Bot

Mariner Wealth then moved on to using bots to automate other forms of knowledge sharing, in this case for their daily stand up meetings. The HD Standup bot sends a daily broadcast at 9:00 a.m. to everyone in the department. The bot then posts staff responses to their IT group on Workplace, giving Justin and his team insight into projects going on, any outstanding work to be completed, and any blockers that need to be addressed.

Using bots on Workplace, what used to take 30 minutes of time every week for seven people (3.5 hours total) now takes just 2 minutes each day (14 minutes total) making the standup process 93% more effective than it was before all while sharing the same information between the team.

2020 Benefits Open Enrollment bot

The Open Enrollment season can be a headache for HR teams. The amount of manual work involved with distributing information and chasing employees ends up taking up huge amounts of time.

Mariner Wealth’s HR team leveraged bots on Workplace to create a 2020 Benefits Open Enrollment bot that helped automate the process of communicating information on 2020 benefits to staff and reminding them to sign up.

As well as containing information on the different benefit plans available and the deadlines for when enrollment needed to be completed by, the bot was able to automatically nudge staff members who hadn’t enrolled to complete the sign-up process or schedule a meeting with HR for more information.

Business Impact

By using bots on Workplace, Mariner Wealth are creating automated tools that help with internal communication, knowledge and information transfer, team management, staff collaboration, new technology rollouts and HR comms – all while saving their staff time and helping them be more productive at work.



more effective stand-up process 


faster benefit sign up time


successful phone system
roll out to 35 offices

How They Did It

Step 1: Identify pain points to be solved

Mariner Wealth identified three core problems that could be solved by using bots on Workplace.

  • Communicating the rollout of new technology to staff
  • Running remote standups for departmental teams and improve
  • Encouraging people to sign up for 2020 benefits

Step 2: Establish which bots to introduce first

With the launch of their new telephone system approaching, the first challenge Mariner Wealth needed to tackle was building their RC Rollout bot. This rollout entailed successfully communicating information, answering FAQs, and providing training materials on the new phone system. Since this massive undertaking was a key focus for Mariner Wealth, the RC Rollout bot was the first to be launched for their staff.

Step 3: Launch and monitor usage

One of the first broadcasts asked staff to download the app needed for the rollout. The IT noticed staff had been downloading the wrong app with a similar name so to correct this, the bot was updated to send a broadcast to staff which included a direct link to download.

As they began the rollout process, Justin and his team discovered new questions from staff at each location that might not have been answered by the bot. Justin was then able to update the bot with the new FAQs to better prepare staff at the next rollout location.

Step 4 : Refine the experience over time and experiment with new bots

After a successful launch of their first bot, the Mariner Wealth team then began to experiment with improving their stand up and benefit sign up processes.

Before bots, Justin and his IT department struggled to get every member together for a weekly in-person meeting to review projects and tasks. After experimenting with the HD Standup bot, the IT department saw attendance rate and project awareness improve at a 93% reduction in time taken.

Alongside the HD Standup bot, Mariner’s Open Enrollment bot was a massive success for the HR team. With their staff already used to using the RC Rollout bot, the HR team saw staff sign up for benefits 25% faster while using bots than they have previously without them.

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