Using bots to improve personalized learning, crisis management, and information delivery.

The staff at Honest Burgers – or family as they like to call it – operate under the values to strive for simplicity, be uncompromising on quality, work collaboratively, and champion old school hospitality. Every single one of those values can be seen in those who stand behind a desk to those who stand behind a grill.

To keep this family running like the tight-knit and efficient machine they are, Honest Burgers has been able to leverage Workplace from Facebook and The Bot Platform to create a suite of automated tools available to everyone within their organization.


As a pioneer of Workplace, Honest Burgers is one of those companies who understand what tools and features to leverage for specific projects or tasks. When we first sat down to chat about the future of bots at Honest Burgers, they were looking for bots to aid in personalized learning, as well as manage surveys and send out important broadcasts.

While most of our customers come to us with a use case or two, Honest Burger bot builders Dub Lee (Learning Architect) and Daniel Davis (Engagement and Communication Manager) quickly became champions of the platform and created a suite of Workplace solutions for their team of 700+ to leverage every day and during times of crisis, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Like a lot of other restaurant brands the COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of unforeseen difficulties and endless hurdles to jump. Always up for the challenge, Dub and Dan were able to create multiple bots and update the flows on ones they were already using to help address their immediate business and communication needs.

Two of their frequently used bots – Honest Collaborator and Honest College – became one of the main vehicles for communication around COVID-19 and performed multiple functions:

Inform staff on statutory sick pay and enhanced sick pay

During this difficult time, the worst thing that could happen is someone shows up to work and they were sick. In order for the UK and the rest of the world to focus on flattening the curve, proper communication around sick leave and sick pay during this time is top of mind for employees.

To prepare for the next phase of COVID-19 in the UK, Dub and Dan built a bot using The Bot Platform to inform team members how much SSP (statutory sick pay) and enhanced sick pay they would be receiving for the time they are off work. Users were able to check how much they would receive on a weekly basis so they could plan financially for their situation ahead of pay day.

This bot also allowed General Managers to report sickness instead of having to call or direct message Area Managers. Managers and executives were able to track who had become sick, who was self-isolating, and enabled them to quickly prioritize which locations could be open or which needed to be closed if there weren’t enough staff.

On top of informing team members on their sick pay, this bot also nudged staff toward learning and development content to ensure personal development doesn’t get lost in the midst of this pandemic.

Provide employees with options

Unfortunately, most organizations at this time are having to make painful business decisions just to keep their heads above the water. For a lot of workers, this has resulted in unemployment and unpaid sick leave. And for some, this has meant forcibly going into work sick or risking getting sick just to get by.

Since Honest Burgers consider staff as family, they needed to provide their team of 700+ with the best options possible. With locations closing and sales taking a hit, Dub, Dan, and the Honest Burgers team moved quickly to find ways to keep their operations going. Managers were running around London looking for closed kitchens that could be used for delivery services like UberEats or Deliveroo. Before UK restaurants were forced to shut down, they were able to open three dark kitchens and train their staff on these new operations in just a day.

To inform team members of the choices in front of them, this bot used 10 different Integromat calls to pull individual data for each employee from an external sheet, and presented that information into the bot.

If needed, users were also able to match themselves with alternative employment opportunities and explain other options such as paid time off, voluntary redundancy or extended unpaid leave. If they decided if they wanted to leave Honest or take extended leave the bot took them through the legal steps required and got all the documentation to them.

Back to work planning

As Honest Burgers made their way through the first few stages of lockdown, they were ready to start thinking about getting their frontline employees back to work.

The next bot flow they created was a back to work survey designed to determine who wanted to return to work. The bot gathered staff feedback on how they were feeling, whether they could get childcare, if they felt comfortable returning to work, and how far they were willing to travel for work. The results of this then allowed Honest Burgers to forecast who was ready to return without forcing anyone into working if they didn’t want to.

Matching data with staff’s current address was important so Honest Burgers could determine the closest location to where they were living. The bot was able to pull in their living information, calculate the distance to the closest restaurant, and produce a real-time leaderboard using Google Sheets. This sheet showed the closest people to each location, allowing Honest Burgers to prioritise which restaurants could open, how quickly they could be operational, and where staffing gaps were.

Quick and collaborative staff redeployment

With the bot collecting all this information, Honest Burgers were then able to deploy staff to different restaurants, reassign shifts and move staff between restaurants based customer demand.

This flow was built in just two days and worked by inputting their employee ID number to bring up their information, location and working preferences. The bot then searched for the specific staff member and updated that person’s record in real time by feeding back into the Google Sheet they had built for their operators. This process within the bot ensured that someone couldn’t be redeployed twice, and ensured everyone was on the same page. They then iterated this flow to include options for moving someone who was already deployed, or ‘undeploying’ them if anything had changed.

Seamless and engaging compliance training

The next flow introduced was an addition to Honest College, their go-to place for all things learning and development. Honest Burgers needed to quickly bring everyone returning to work up to speed with new procedures, rules, and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

To achieve this, Managers briefed their teams on the new ways of working in a socially distant, Covid-19 world. Those trainees then recorded their training through Honest College, took tests to confirm their understanding, and provided proof that they completed the training by sending a video selfie to the bot.

These responses were then captured on the same Google Sheet as the back to work leaderboards so the Honest Burgers operators had a one stop shop for all of their information, updated in real time, and were easily able to see who had completed the new ways of working training.

Honest College enabled Honest Burgers to achieve a 100% compliance completion rate that allowed them to successfully reopen restaurants in just six days – a goal that had never been achieved through traditional e-learning.

One Big Lunch – Getting back to work with a bang

The final bot flow aimed to welcome everyone back with a bang by allowing Honest staff to be the first people to get a delicious Honest Burger in their hands (and bellies).

This particular bot flow performed a few functions:

  • Check if the user was on the back-to-work database
  • Ensure their recorded postcode was still accurate
  • Confirm their location was within delivery distance of their nearest restaurant
  • Send a custom voucher code to staff to redeem their free burgers

This not only allowed restaurants to test out their new ways of working before opening to the public, but it also rewarded staff and create a sense of community as everyone was able to eat lunch together, from afar.

Bots for day-to-day operations

Event sign ups and ticketing

In February, Honest Collaborator was used to drive staff to sign up for one of their company-wide events. With over 700 people, Dub and Dan knew their check-in process could quickly become a logistical nightmare. They wanted to use a ticketing/event partner like Eventbrite, but this method wasn’t possible in their community of email-less frontline staff. Sending a ticket to an inbox that doesn’t exist just wouldn’t cut it.

Using The Bot Platform, they modified Honest Collaborator to provide users with an eTicket directly in Workplace Chat. With things like dynamic URL mapping, the bot was able to generate an eTicket with a QR code that could be scanned at the door for each staff member, making their check-in process seamless.

Alongside communicating important event information, Honest Collaborator has also performed key tasks like greeting new hires, sending out company-wide broadcasts, and connecting like-minded staff with each other to create a deeper sense of community.

Honest Ops

The Honest Ops bot was designed to make it easier for users to complete tasks. This bot performs a variety of functions from sharing feedback about a trial shift, to ordering supplies like menus, T-shirts, and grease proofs from an Honest Kitchen location.

The Honest Ops bot uses message variations for staff who are executives vs kitchen staff so they receive the content and messaging that is most relevant to them.

Honest College

Training and development, in its current form, isn’t designed to encourage learning and bring value to the individual. More often than not, employees are asked to complete long hours of mandatory training or read through hundreds of pages of textbooks. Their own goals and ideals are often forgotten about which can lead to feelings of frustration and higher turnover rates.

Dub and Dan had a new and improved idea in mind for their employee learning and development system. Using our The Bot Platform, Honest College was born.

Honest College was built and designed to not only provide staff with an outlet for learning but to also encourage it. The bot puts learning in front of staff members that go beyond typical job-required training, providing them with an opportunity to become better people and ultimately, better staff. By providing functional training (like checking allergens and carrying plates) and personal resources (like managing finances and mental health), Honest Burgers staff walk away with skills that go beyond their day-to-day tasks.

Business Impact

Arguably the largest business impact Honest Burgers saw from using bots on Workplace was the ability to keep their community a family during a time of crisis. Alongside COVID-19 communication and operations, Honest Burgers has seen improved internal processes, enhanced collaboration between office staff and frontline workers, and improved their learning and development system.

Honest Collaborator has resulted in cost savings and efficiencies with event communication and ticket management, while Honest College resulted in a 100% compliance completion rate that allowed them to successfully reopen restaurants in just six days – a goal that had never been achieved through traditional e-learning.



positive ROI achieved within the first year


delivery rate on important COVID-19 broadcasts


messages sent on Honest Collaborator


engagement rate from staff on Honest Ops

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