Transforming company wide comms, with Workplace and bots.

After adopting Workplace to help transform communication throughout the organisation, Ennismore were looking for a platform they could use to easily build and launch bots without the need for any developers or tech resources. Using The Bot Platform, they’ve been able to launch a breadth of bots helping to increase workforce engagement, collaboration and productivity.


After launching Workplace by Facebook to help connect their workforce and transform the way they were communicating across the organisation, Ennismore, a London based owner and developer of unique properties and experiences around the world, were looking to use bots to increase engagement and further customise and better their employee’s Workplace experience.

Ennismore already had ideas for how bots could help increase productivity and automate existing processes. What they needed was a platform that would empower them to easily and quickly build their own bots without the time and cost implications of relying on a third party agency or development house.


Using The Bot Platform, Ennismore have built and launched a number of bots, from those that encourage learning and development or participation in company programs, to bots that are automating internal processes and workflows.

Switch it Up!

The Switch it Up bot enables staff to apply for a temporary job swap with another employee doing a similar role at another location around the world. The bot eliminates all the paperwork and much of the admin that came before, as well as being a very convenient and intuitive channel for the application process. Since the bot was launched, Ennismore have seen a sharp increase in applications.

Ennismore Hero

This bot highlights core company values and allows staff to nominate their colleagues for employee of the month. Historically, people would write down the person they want to vote for and pop it in a postbox in the hotel management office. This was took up more time than necessary for our staff and resulted in lots of admin manually going through the forms. Using the Ennismore Hero bot, staff can now submit their vote whenever and from wherever they are.

Work Bed

Previously, staff who were travelling for work needed to fill out a form and send it to various people for sign off. This process is now automated via a bot that collates the employee’s travel and accommodation needs and posts this to a private group on Workplace managed by the Revenue and Reservations team to action the booking.


The superbly named, Hammertime, is a time tracking bot that helps Ennismore’s design team to complete timesheets, and then automatically allocates their time to the relevant department. Historically, a form was completed to log the time, from which the data was manually entered into an Excel sheet for reporting. Now, thanks to the Hammertime bot, at 5pm each workday the design team are automatically sent a message that asks which project they’ve worked on, the task and how many hours were spent on it. The information is then sent to a Google Sheet via a Zapier webhook. This has saved a huge amount of time and admin for the project managers of the graphics team, and Ennismore are in the process of rolling it out to other departments too.

Leaver Bot

This bot allows managers to log when someone on their team hands in their notice. The information is added to a Google Sheet and sent to key departments including the global HR team and IT support who ensure the accounts are correctly deactivated on their last day. The bot also sends the leaver an exit interview, stores the answers in a central location on G Drive and then notifies the HR team once it’s been completed.

Discover Your Best Self

Ennismore have also used bots to automate training and development. Through the ‘Discover your best self’ bot, staff can now check what’s coming up on the training calendar, request a slot to attend, and check in when they arrive to confirm their attendance. Using the broadcast feature staff are also informed about new or relevant training, and sent reminders before sessions start.

How They Did It

Step 1: Identify pain points to be solved

Ennismore and The Bot Platform worked together to identify existing pain points and processes that could be improved or made more efficient through automation and bots on Workplace.

Step 2: Establish which bots to introduce first

After establishing their bot roadmap, Ennismore prioritized which bots they wanted to introduce to their workforce based on use case, benefit, connection to other programs and ease of build. Using The Bot Platform’s CMS, Ennismore were able to quickly build prototypes, conduct user testing and refine bot concepts before launch.

Step 3: Launch and monitor usage

Ennismore use a breadth of tactics to drive adoption, including group announcements, company wide broadcasts and posts from their CEO and leadership team. Each launch is supported by a promotional strategy that puts the bot in front of the relevant audience – be it the entire organisation, or a certain department in one location.

Step 4 : Refine the experience over time and experiment with new bots

Bots are optimized and improved over time by incorporating user feedback, usage data and insights from The Bot Platform’s analytics tools. Ennismore then look at their planned bot roadmap and are able to quickly experiment and build prototypes for different concepts before choosing the bots they want to officially launch next.

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