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How bots on Workplace can help connect remote teams and support mental health

We’ve created a new report detailing how you can create a suite of tools for your staff on Workplace from Facebook that support physical and emotional wellbeing.

How consumer bots are delivering real ROI

Over the past 12 months bots have been extremely hyped, but how are businesses benefiting from them?

Eight issues HR and Comms teams should consider when building Workplace bots

Simple bots and automation eliminate many of the dull, repetitive tasks that suck up your team’s time – form filling, chasing responses, managing enquiries.

Use bots to make HR more efficient – and also more human

The Bot Platform’s HR Ecosystem helps you automate all the repetitive, distracting tasks that prevent HR teams from reaching peak performance.

Artificial Intelligence: the myths, risks and realities

Everyone’s claiming to have Artificial Intelligence capabilities, but what does that really mean in the bot space? This White Paper looks at algorithms and machine learning, the differences between human and bot intelligence and whether or not businesses can, or should, give algorithms control of their systems and business operations.

Building your first bot? Here’s eight features you need to include

If you’ve never built a bot, it’s hard to know where to start. Do you want the bot to create sales? Save time or reduce workload? Save money? Make sure your staff know about a new product? Manage a crisis?

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