Learn how bots can encourage employee appreciation and build a culture of peer-to-peer recognition

Every year on the first Friday in March, companies and organizations take it upon themselves to celebrate Employee Appreciation day – and for a good reason. 77% of employees say that they “don’t feel strongly valued for the work that they do,” and 36% say a lack of recognition is “the number one reason they’re considering switching jobs.”

Employee appreciation day is a chance for employers to take the time to thank their hard-working staff, and ultimately improve culture, morale and overall retention. To help strengthen this bond between employer and employee, this webinar will show you how bots on Workplace from Facebook can help build powerful ways to appreciate employees.

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What you can expect to learn

During this webinar, we will walk you through how Workplace from Facebook and tools built using The Bot Platform can help celebrate this staff focussed national holiday, as well as ensuring you have a year round process in place for recognizing staff. Some of the topics we’ll be walking you through are:

  1. Features on Workplace to take advantage of – Workplace, above all else, is a tool made to improve staff connectivity. Using native Workplace features, there are multiple ways to show employees the appreciation they deserve. We’ll walk you through some of our favorite Workplace features that can help you improve your recognition process.
  2. Encourage peer-to-peer employee recognition – While recognizing staff in a top down way is important, creating a culture of peer recognition can actually be far more effective. We’ll show you how easy it is to create an automated recognition system using bots on Workplace.
  3. Showing appreciation at scale – When your company operates on a global scale, across multiple locations or has a front line focussed workforce it can be hard to create recognition programs that scale to everyone in the company. In particular, it can be difficult to see the work employees are doing every day that deserve appreciation. We’ll show you how companies are using Workplace and bots to share recognition, at scale, with the entire organization.

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This event is suitable for tech and non-tech people looking to improve their company collaboration using bots and Workplace from Facebook.

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