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Fireside chat with Honest Burger’s People Director, Chantal Wilson, about how bots helped them in a time of crisis.

Tune in to this 45-minute webinar where Chantal & Syd discuss how Honest Burgers used bots to keep them going even in a time of crisis.

Syd Lawrence, CEO at The Bot Platform, sits down with Chantal Wilson, People Director at Honest Burgers, to learn more about their experience with The Bot Platform, and how they’ve leveraged automation to aid in back to work communication.

Learn how Honest Burgers go about solving their problems with bots and how they’ve been using The Bot Platform to help keep their team productive, engaged and informed even during a time of uncertainty.

What You’ll Learn

How Honest operate and the challenges they faced during the pandemic

How they used Workplace and The Bot Platform to stay connected with their staff

The benefits they've seen, increased agility and ROI from using The Bot Platform

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