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How Retailers Are Using Bots to Create a More Productive and Engaged Workforce

From frontline staff to back office and HQ, retail companies around the world are using collaboration channels to share information more efficiently, collaborate more intelligently, connect staff more effectively and, ultimately, transform the employee and customer experience. 

Over the past three years, the McKinsey Global Institute has conducted research which has shown that about half of the activities in retail can be automated using current, at-scale technology.

Using bots, retailers can create their own tools that transform the way they connect their stores, people, and processes. Bots can help to facilitate shift swapping, staff recognition, training and development, answering FAQs, inventory management, crowdsourcing ideas and knowledge from frontline staff, onboarding new starters, and much more. 

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Here are some other ways bots can help people who work in retail.

Staff FAQ and Help Desk Requests
Booking and changing shifts
Sharing new product updates
Onboarding new starters
Merch and retail display inspiration
Company handbooks
Ideas and innovation
Sending company and regional news
Alerting managers to product recalls
Gathering staff feedback
Holiday and sick requests
Staff recognition programmes
Reporting frontline customer feedback
Training and development