5 examples of bots on Workplace from Facebook

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Bots have already proven their business value for consumer facing applications.

Now they’re proving their worth for internal communication too.

Workplace is a platform created and run by Facebook for the corporate environment which includes most features from the normal Facebook platform such as groups, an internal chat (Workplace Chat) and a timeline. The benefit of implementing Workplace into a company structure is the familiarity that it offers enabling users to quickly start communicating and collaborating.

Workplace chat is the instant messaging platform that compliments the main Workplace environment that behaves much like the consumer Messenger platform. Group conversation, app integrations and bot integrations are all available on Workplace chat alongside native applications for both iPhone and Android.

1. New starter bot

Ever started a new job and became easily overwhelmed with all the information being thrown at you all at once?

Or maybe you’ve noticed a new starter glaze over and develop a thousand yard stare while being brought up to date on the business.

You know you’re potentially wasting time and resources by overloading the new recruit so why keep this process? It’s a blatant loss of time and resources.

Having a bot to drip feed the information needed can relieve the stress of starting a new company for the new recruit and allows you peace of mind that the information they are receiving is being understood.

You can even schedule the training across multiple days, provide quizzes to test understanding and schedule reminders. Furthermore, you can retrain your current employees via the bot to keep your workforce up to speed and efficient for a fraction of the cost of training.

2. Mood bot

Employee suddenly resigns, you had no idea they wanted to leave.

You get a call from a union, seemingly out of nowhere.

You do care about your staff, of course you do, and you wish you had more face to face time with them but the meetings and the phone calls keep coming.

A mood bot might be what you’re looking for. Quick, informal surveys that can be quickly crafted and quickly deployed to your staff in a format they’re familiar with. You’ll be able to stay in the know about how you’re staff are doing and even appoint some staff member to create fun quizzes that everyone takes part in!

3. Crisis bot

Even a fire drill can raise heart rates and cause some unease. But when a real crisis hits, how do you stay coordinated and in control of the situation?

Your staff may be deployed around the city, country or even continent. Depending on the situation, they may be away from their desks or laptops and only accessible via personal messages. The only way to confirm each of your staff is safe is by messaging them individually. And that’s the last thing you need when your people are looking for your guidance and leadership.

Integrating a crisis bot gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to stay on top of unfolding situation and feedback from your staff to know they’re okay. Set it up in advance so if something ever happens, you know you can check your people are safe and sound.

4. HR bots

“Hey what’s the WiFi password for the third floor?”
“When do we get paid again? I keep forgetting.”
“Yeah I was meant to do but I’m never on shift when the HR people are; we always miss each other”

Late form submissions. Wrong tax codes or incorrect tax brackets. Time lost to troubleshooting staff computers. And the bathroom is down the hall, second left after the right turn. No the other right.

Your HR people can be the best in the world but at some point in the day, they go home. Depending on the type of business you run, your shift workers might be clocking-in as your HR people are walking out the front door wishing them a good shift.

A bot dedicated to HR tasks fills in the lost minutes and frustrations and allows employees to ask questions and get immediate answers, no matter the time of day. It can also allows an employee the autonomy to resolve the small issues they may have themselves instead of having them rely on someone else’s schedule.

The HR bot ecosystem rolls in all our best bots into one package, allowing you to focus on people and the things you do best.

Best off all, it’s super simple to implement and deploy as your people will most likely be accustomed to the interface already.

A simple solution to reduce time lost in the ether.

5. Libby bot

Most employees spend about 15% of their days navigating legacy systems and trying to find commonly searched for information. Libby automates those tasks for employees so they can focus their time elsewhere.

Libby is an always-on chatbot that’s available at any time of the day. This enables employees to get information whenever they need it, while taking pressure away from your helpdesk team.

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