Automating & scaling communication with bots on Workplace.

As a company centered around business agility, LeadingAgile adopted Workplace into their community to grow their employee onboarding program and were looking for the next tool to help automate and scale this manual process. After adopting The Bot Platform to their instance, they’ve been able to save employees large amounts of time, increase front-line staff engagement, and improve staff productivity.


LeadingAgile, a business consulting company that helps large enterprises become more agile at work, was looking to use bots for content automation and increasing the quality of internal onboarding.

After spending countless hours managing their onboarding program manually, LeadingAgile was ready to take the next step in productivity by introducing bots to their Workplace instance. What they needed was an easy-to-use platform that provided support, and was built with Workplace in mind.


Using The Bot Platform, LeadingAgile was able to build and launch four bots on their Workplace instance automating a number of onboarding related processes and tasks such as notifying staff of key announcements, providing daily encouragement and sending out new hire surveys.

Announcement bot

It isn’t always easy to ensure messages are communicated from the top down, especially within a large-scale company. Using an announcement bot, LeadingAgile is able to remind new starters of the different meetings, calls and events that happen as a part of their onboarding program.

Daily encouragement bot

You can’t build a successful business without consistency, and you can’t be consistent if employees are constantly in and out like a revolving door. LeadingAgile understands the importance of retention and built a bot that sends new employees a daily audio message from their Chief Cultural Officer to talk about aspects of life at LeadingAgile.

Daily learning bot

As we mentioned in a previous post, providing employees with educational opportunities is something they expect and need in a career. As a part of their onboarding program, LeadingAgile used a Daily Learning bot to send educational opportunities to everyone in the program cycle, encouraging them to dive further into their model.

Survey bot

The onboarding program at LeadingAgile stretches across a four-week period. To continually advance and improve the program, each week staff are sent a survey asking for their input and any concerns or worries that may be on their mind. The data and learnings that come from each survey is then used to continuously tweak and improve their overall onboarding program.

Business Impact

Before using bots, LeadingAgile team members used to handle the entire onboarding process manually.

Employees would literally copy and paste content from a word document every morning into Workplace Chat, turning this into a repetitive and repeatable task. The number of messages and information employees were receiving would be cut down due to the amount of time this took, meaning the information presented to staff members in each training cycle was different and sometimes fragmented.

This entire process halted the productivity of the employees managing the program, and ultimately slowed down the onboarding process and reduced the impact for those receiving the content.

Now, using bots and automation on Workplace, what used to take half a work day, every day, to complete, now only takes half a day a month.

The logistics of the program have significantly improved and the content experience for each employee is the same every cycle. The full program is set-up in less than a day and staff don’t have to touch it again until the next program four weeks later.

Since the bot runs at a certain cadence, the quality of the deliverables also improved. Staff can now send out as much content and messages to those in the onboarding program whenever they want, leaving their internal comms team more time to focus on other projects and the users getting a better experience.



hours of work saved for employees, every month


accuracy on information being sent to every employee in the program


daily affirmations sent to employees a month


newly trained employees, ready to take on work well-informed

How They Did It

Step 1: Identify pain points to be solved

LeadingAgile and The Bot Platform team worked together to identify existing pain points within their internal processes and identified ways that their onboarding program could be improved or made more efficient through automation and bots on Workplace.

As a 100% remote company, having new people feel a part of the larger organization can be difficult, so improving their employee onboarding program was designed to address this challenge.

Step 2: Establish which bots to introduce first

Once their pain points and project plan were established, the team brought forward ideas on which bots should be introduced into the LeadingAgile instance. Since their Workplace is primarily used as an onboarding tool, it was essential to add an onboarding bot into the mix.

Step 3: Launch and monitor usage

After identifying pain points in their onboarding process, LeadingAgile first launched three bots on their Workplace instance to automate and optimize their program. Using The Bot Platform analytics, LeadingAgile was able to track program members progress and improve the quality of their messaging.

Step 4 : Refine the experience over time and experiment with new bots

After seeing the success of their first three bots, LeadingAgile added a fourth bot into the mix. As a business centered around helping others remain agile at work, it was essential to gain insights or feedback from bot users. A survey bot was built to gain real-time feedback on the on-boarding program and opened up a communication pipeline for frontline employees to feel like their voices are being heard.

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