Automating internal communication at DFS

DFS wanted to bring its nationwide workforce of thousands closer together by utilising bots off the back of their already existing instance of Workplace by Facebook. Using The Bot Platform, DFS are deploying multiple bots ranging from those related to company culture through to knowledge banks and FAQ automation.

It Was Really Good To Work With The Bot Platform. The Webinar Really Helped And Their Customer Support Was Super Responsive.

Lauren KentHR Social Content & Engagement Coordinator

With thousands of staff already communicating with each other on Workplace by Facebook, DFS were looking to explore how bots could help streamline internal communications between all departments of the business, from HR to help desks. DFS needed a platform that was easy to use and that could scale reliably.


The first bot DFS rolled out using The Bot Platform was designed to gain staff feedback on how DFS should craft its corporate values. The bot would ask staff members a series of open and closed questions to gain quantitative and qualitative feedback. The results from this bot driven research then helped DFS' management team who were able to easily see how everyone in the company felt about the organisation.

With the Value bot proving a success, DFS decided to create another bot that could handle the repetitive staff queries related to finance that were having to be responded to manually every day. The Finance bot was created with the most common questions the finance team would receive and is always being built upon.

After deploying two successful bots in quick succession using The Bot Platform, DFS is now working on a suite of bot experiences that can solve various workforce queries and drive internal knowledge sharing.


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How They Did It

Step 1: Outline pain points to be solved

DFS and The Bot Platform worked together to identify pain points that could be solved using bots on Workplace by Facebook.

Step 2: Design the first phase of the bot

After brainstorming possible bot implementations, DFS and The Bot Platform decided to launch with two bots: one which would crowdsource employee’s thoughts on internal culture and DFS’s values, and another that would act as a service-support bot that could answer repetitive questions staff had.

Step 3: Test launch and monitor usage

DFS first rolled out their bot to a select audience of staff members in order to see how it was being used. Using The Bot Platform’s analytics, DFS were then able to monitor usage and quickly deploy the bot to the rest of the company.

Step 4 : Refine and improve experience over time

Over time, DFS are able to tweak and add to their bots based on new insights on questions and queries their workforce may have.

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