About our company

Behind every great company, there is a great team of people

The Bot Platform is a trusted and award winning technology company helping companies around the world to have more productive and engaged workforces. How do we do that, we hear you ask? By creating industry leading technology solutions that help our customers build their own work tools, whether they be for their staff, customers or fans.

But we’re much more than a software company. And, in a lot of ways, we don’t really behave like a software company. That’s because our company, and culture, has been born out of a passion for being the best we can be, an awesome team from a breadth of different backgrounds and industries, and a desire to reinvent what a modern day company should look and behave like.

We're on a mission to help people be more productive at work

For too long companies and organisations have had to change the way they work to fit with rigid and disjointed business systems. We believe that shouldn’t be the case, and you should be able to easily build work tools that suit your specific business needs, operational processes and company culture. We aim to build easy to use and intuitive software solutions that empower businesses to build their own work tools to help their staff be more productive and engaged at work.

We work with some of the best companies in the world

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The values we live by

We have four values that we live by at The Bot Platform. These shape and define how we behave, both internally and externally, and allow us to be confident that we’re being the best we can be - whether it comes to how we’re working with our customers or partners, how we work with each other, or the people we’re looking to hire to grow our team in the future.

Always strive for awesome

Be a good human

Learn, grow & adapt

We care
a lot

A company, team and software offering awarded for excellence

Meet the team

Syd Lawrence


Benji Airdrie

Account Executive

Lauren Gilman

Solutions Architect

Donna Dent

Customer Success Manager

Sophie Barfield

Chief Product Officer

Jon Cox

Head of Partnerships

Michael Aldridge

Software Developer

Tom Gibby

CMO & Head of CX

Robert Jackson

Business Development Director

Lauren Massey

Content Marketer

Chris Barling


Paul King

Chief Technology Officer

Melita Gandham

Creative Solutions Architect

Mike Klik

Software Developer

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