Jobs Board Bot

Promote internal job openings and automate applications from staff and employees.


How do you encourage and enable internal job transfers?

Jobs Board Bot allows you to easily and quickly highlight available job openings within your organization and allow your existing staff and employees to apply for the position directly via Workplace. Users can browse jobs based on their region or departmental specialism and submit responses which can be saved to third party HR and applicant tracking systems.


Here's How Jobs Board Bot Can Help Your Company

Increase Awareness

Ensure your staff and employees know about existing job openings.

Encourage Internal Growth

Highlight available opportunities throughout the company.

Decrease Turnover

Reduce the chance of high performing staff leaving due to a lack of career progression or options.

Easy to use

An intuitive and simple application process means all staff can apply.

Save & Share

Applications can easily be shared in HR and departmental groups or with decision makers.

Connect & Automate

Integrate with APIs and upload applications to third party HR systems.

Other benefits

Instant access

Access the responses instantly and download the results.

Automated experience

Automatically communicate with and hear from your staff.

No coding required 

Use pre-built templates and an easy-to-use CMS.

Help and Support

A team of experts ready to help you build the best bots possible.

Analytics and tools

Data, optimisation, compliance management and more.

99.9% uptime SLA

Have peace of mind about your technology solutions.

Part of The Bot Platform's suite of Workplace Bots

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands and organizations

Benefits of bots


Instantly reply to your employees, automate repetitive tasks and FAQs and handle large volumes of requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Familiar UI

Capitalize on the ease of use and familiarity of conversational design on platform agnostic channels that can be experienced across desktop and mobile.


Communicate at scale through a conversational and 1-to-1 medium and develop bespoke, personalized message interactions with your specific audiences.

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