Goal setting

Get staff excited about the year ahead and thinking about key goals that they want to achieve at work and in their own lives. Set objectives, track progress, encourage and celebrate goal completion – directly within Workplace from Facebook.

How can a Goal Setting bot help you?

Promote a goal setting mindset

Check in on goal progress

Improve motivation and productivity

Encourage staff engagement on goals

Create a culture that celebrates goals

Increase focus, motivation, self confidence and personal growth

Successful business people, iconic actors and top level athletes all set goals to help them be the best they can be and continue to grow – both personally and professionally. Setting goals not only helps you in the long term, but also provides a motivational boost and greater focus in the short term as people are encouraged to reflect on what’s important to them and what they want to achieve in their lives.

Whether it be for New Year’s resolutions, annual appraisals or even quarterly planning opportunities, using bots on Workplace it’s easy to give your staff a helpful tool that encourages a goal setting mindset, tracks progress and builds a culture that celebrates success.


Setting, tracking and achieving annual goals

Get staff excited about the year ahead and thinking about key goals they want to achieve in their own lives and at work. Allow staff to set goals, track progress and share completed goals with their friends and colleagues on Workplace.

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