Slide REQUEST A DEMO From frontline staff to back office and HQ, retail companies around the world are looking for ways to share information more efficiently, collaborate more intelligently, connect staff more effectively and, ultimately, transform the employee and customer experience. How will bots benefit your retail company?

Using bots on Workplace, retailers can create tools that transform the way they connect their stores, people, and processes. These automated experiences facilitate shift swapping, staff recognition, training and development, answering FAQs, inventory management, sharing frontline knowledge, onboarding programs for new starters, and much more.


Slide Why retailers are using Workplace Workplace helps retailers open up real-time and two-way conversations. Frontline staff in depots, warehouses, and factories use features like Workplace groups to swap shifts, stay in touch, manage stock, speed up recalls and build stronger and more open relationships with managers and colleagues in other locations, corporate offices and HQs. Build a shared culture 69% of C-level executives believe company culture is a critical factor in realizing their company goals. Connect dispersed teams Connected companies deliver 17% more productivity, 21% profitability and a 40% reduction in staff turnover. Empower staff with technology 67% of retailers say that ‘next-gen teamwork’ and effective ways for people to work together is important to them. Enable better collaboration 60% of retailers want to enhance productivity and collaboration for frontline workers.


Using bots and automation tools on Workplace by Facebook can help supercharge how your retail staff are able to connect, collaborate and be more productive at work.

Slide Automating staff FAQs Booking and changing shifts Reporting customer feedback Sharing new product updates

Get knowledge and ideas from frontline staff

98% of business leaders agree that ideas should come from everyone although just 62% report seeing it happen, and only 45% of frontline workers share their ideas with senior team members. By using bots on Workplace, retail companies can easily allow staff to send feedback, knowledge and ideas back to HQ.

This could be feedback frontline staff are getting from customers, recommendations and suggestions to help back office teams innovate faster and improve the customer experience at the front line. Corporate offices and HQ teams can send broadcasts to frontline staff, factory workers or any segment of staff they’re looking for ideas from. These ideas can then be posted to a group on Workplace, sent to specific team members or saved and downloaded as a spreadsheet.


Slide Gathering retail display ideas Sending info on product recalls Providing training and development Broadcasting news and announcements

Improve culture with peer recognition programs

79% of people who leave a job do so because of a lack of recognition and 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated. Creating an intuitive recognition program that allows all staff to feel valued and be celebrated can have a huge impact on company morale, culture and retention.

Using recognition bot, retail staff can nominate their peers and colleagues who are working hard to help the team and company. These could be colleagues working in stores, factories, corporate offices or HQ teams. Nominations sent to the bot can be posted to open groups on Workplace which become a constantly updated source of inspiration for staff, as well as saved to third party systems and spreadsheets. Winning staff can then be awarded at the end of each month, quarter or seasonal retail period.


Slide Crowdsourcing ideas Sending staff surveys Interactive company handbooks Automating repetitive workflows

Onboard permanent and temp new starters

According to research by Glassdoor, organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. Gallup found that 88% of organizations don’t onboard well and HCI found that of those that do onboard new starters, most only focus on week 1 of onboarding.

Creating an effective and consistent way of onboarding new starters at retail companies, whether they be permanent or temporary staff, is a huge opportunity. Using our new starter bot, retailers can create bespoke onboarding programs tailored to different retail roles and functions, provide company introductions and training materials and check in with staff over time. This way, whether staff are based in an office, working in a store, at a factory or on the field, you can be sure they’re able to get up to speed as quickly as possible.


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