Wellness Assistant

Employee Wellness programs have been identified as a priority for most HR and Employee Experience professionals around the world for 2022. 


Our Wellness Assistant allows you to easily promote activities that improve mental and physical health while allowing staff to set, track and complete wellness goals for the year ahead.


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How can an Employee Wellness bot help you?

Promote wellness activities

Provide wellness inspiration

Set, track and complete wellness goals

Send monthly wellness check-ins

Improve company culture

Create a happier and healthier workforce - mentally and physically

Championing wellness in the workplace is a priority for many HR and employee experience professionals in 2022. And for important reasons too. The pandemic put a spotlight on the importance of mental and physical wellness, while research has shown over and over again that a healthy workforce is good for staff and employers alike.


According to Mind, ‘FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10 per cent. By supporting staff wellbeing, they reap the benefits through enhanced morale, loyalty, commitment, innovation, productivity and profitability. Open and supportive workplaces benefit everyone – employees, employers and the bottom line’.


While it’s important to have established wellness programs, don’t underestimate the power of quick and nimble wellness initiatives. Our Wellness Assistant provides the perfect solution for companies using Microsoft Teams or Workplace from Meta to get started quickly.


Even better, we’re offering this bot FOR FREE to ensure staff and employers around the world have a happy and healthy 2022.


Our Wellness Assistant allows you to send broadcasts to your entire workforce or specific groups of staff to spread awareness of the program. Using the bot they can see wellness inspiration before picking between 1 and 3 wellness goals for the year ahead. The bot will then automatically message them once a month to check in on progress – congratulating those who are on track while offering support and advice to those who need some help.

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Using The Bot Platform you can build any employee experience bots and digital assistants that you wish. We also offer quick start templates for certain use cases, with this Wellness Assistant being one of them. It literally takes seconds to get set up. Your staff can be using it in a matter of minutes.
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