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Learn five easy ways to engage your staff around the holidays using bots on Workplace

The holiday season brings with it all the “merry and bright” feels. From gift giving to family celebrations, there are so many good things about the holidays for us – but for business, not so much. Workloads tend to stack up as employees take days off, customers can become unpredictable with holiday demands, and staff are constantly distracted by all the expectations around the season.

Because of this, stress and anxiety levels at work spike and over 35% of workers report feeling more stressed during the holiday season.

Keeping employees engaged, stress-free and committed during the holiday season can be difficult to say the least, but it’s vital for company culture, morale and your bottom line.

How then can you do this in a way that allows everyone in the organization to get involved – from corporate HQ to frontline staff – and doesn’t take up loads of time and resources to organize and manage?

The answer – by using bots on Workplace to create fun, automated experiences for your staff that connects the company, increases morale and boosts engagement around the year-end.

In this webinar we’ll talk through five different use cases including using bots to run secret santa/white elephant experiences, conduct toy drives, send fun company quizzes, advent calendars and, in general, get your staff reflecting on the year in a positive way and looking forward to 2020.

Webinar attendees will also be given free trial accounts that allow them to create one of these bots and launch it on their own workplace instance.


October 24, 2019


10:30 a.m. EST / 3:30 p.m. BST


What you can expect to learn

Through this webinar, we will walk you through five fun holiday bots for your Workplace instance that can help boost staff engagement and morale. Some of the bots we will be discussing are:

  1. Advent Calendar bot – A fun twist on a holiday classic, the Advent Calendar sends out broadcasts on consecutive work days with little treats and surprises for your staff.
  2. White Elephant / Secret Santa bot – The Secret Santa bot helps you automate the process of running secret santa activations at work. From determining who is participating to gift-giving assignments, this bot can provide all the details your staff needs to participate.
  3. Year In Review bot – The new year is a time for us all to reflect on the past 12 months. The Year In Review bot asks your staff to think about their favorite work moments from the past 12 months and saves all this information for you to share with upper management, post into a specific Workplace group, or store this data to a spreadsheet.
  4. Toy drive bot – Normally, someone has to spend days organizing the efforts that come with a toy drive. A Toy Drive bot helps you with the organization of charitable toy drives during the holidays.
  5. Big Quiz Of The Year bot – Create a fun and interactive recap of the last year of company news, activities and highlights with a Big Quiz Of The Year bot that’s send these questions to staff.

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This event is suitable for tech and non-tech people looking to improve their company collaboartion using bots and Workplace by Facebook.

Want to learn more?

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