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How to use bots to tell stories

Join this FREE webinar live: Thursday May 4th @ 4:00pm GMT

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Date: Thursday May 4th @ 4:00pm GMT

Duration: 1 hour

How to use bots to tell stories

Over the past 12 months bots have been extremely hyped, but how are businesses benefiting from them.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • How brands are boosting engagement
  • How companies are making real money from bots
  • How companies are saving money from bots

Who will be giving this webinar: Grant Heinrich, Head of Audiences

Grant Heinrich

  • Product strategy, superfans/superconsumers, CEO, CFO and CIO marketing. Plus music industry, journalism and startups.
  • Experience in innovation and product management at Seed Media and Fifty.
  • Startup / launch experience at Fairfax Media, Agency X, Seed Media.
  • Founder of creative network Children and Animals.
  • Writing Crowdfunders At Work (Out Apress Q4 2017).
  • Global management includes 35 person team in 6 countries.
  • Media experience as editor, worldwide of business tech magazine MIS.
  • Marketing projects for KPMG, IBM/Lotus, Cap Gemini, WS Atkins, CFO magazine, economics and law firms
  • Building CXO audiences at IT and Finance Directors Forums.
"After using The Bot Platform for Axwell /\ Ingrosso and seeing how easy it is to use, we decided to move over Bastille’s Messenger bot away from our previous system. The customer service has been super and we have a real sense of collaboration in regards to trying and testing new things, and we look forward to having more bots with them in the future."

Michaela Brown

Digital Marketing Manager @ Virgin EMI

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