We talk to Gus Van Dender, Business Architect at Wake Up Warrior, about the benefits his team are seeing from bots on Workplace. 

You’ve been busy building various bots on Workplace by Facebook. Could you talk to us about what some of your bots do?

Wake Up Warriors is a life-coaching and motivational company that helps men and women become the best version of themselves. We use Workplace by Facebook to keep our members updated, both for day-to-day training and advice as well as events that take place throughout the year.

Using The Bot Platform, we’ve built a number of bots on Workplace by Facebook to communicate with our members. For example, one of our bots is used to deliver personalized, high value content at scale. The bot sends members of our Kings Kit community daily messages containing a cool video or audio clip along with some text and a link to the full article on Workplace. By doing this it means our members are guaranteed to receive daily training information as well as acting as a searchable depositary for all of our historical articles.

We’ve also been using bots to keep event attendees updated on schedule changes or simply sending out reminders and alerts. It’s so cool seeing it work in real time too. As an event finishes I can send out a broadcast from the bot and as our members are leaving the event space I can see them all looking at the update on their phones. In the future we’re planning on using it as a sales tool to encourage event attendees to sign up for future services.

We then have a Workplace bot that we’re in the final stages of building at the moment and we’re really excited about. The bot is a conversational version of The Stack, a training program we run that helps members liberate their minds by encouraging them to look at an issue from different perspectives. At the end of the experience you come out feeling much calmer and empathetic about the situation, as well as gaining insights or revelations that can then be applied to other aspects of your life.

What was the problem you were trying to solve by deploying bots?

Our community has grown massively over the past few months and we use Workplace by Facebook to communicate with our members. We had various groups set up, but we quickly realized that the WorkChat feature was an incredibly effective channel because it was almost guaranteed that members would read updates we sent via chat. Rather than rely on sending these messages manually, we needed a solution that could automate those updates.

The other problem we were trying to solve was that certain processes that didn’t take us that long before were now taking increasing amounts of time as our community size was getting bigger and bigger. For example, we do a weekly Hot Seat where we invite members to share their experiences with the rest of the community. At the time I was having to manually organize these and so we were hoping a bot would allow us to automate processes like this and, in doing so, free up some of our time.

The bot has become our main delivery system for updating our members.

Gus Van Dender, Wake Up Warrior

How have bots helped solve these problems?

We knew that bots were going to help in some way, but we had no idea just how powerful they would be. For example, because of bots I can now reach our entire community in seconds and almost guarantee that every member will read and engage with the message that’s been sent out. There’s no other channel that would allow us to do that and, as such, bots have now become our main delivery system for updating our members.

Bots have also helped with events. Before we had bots, if we had any schedule changes we’d have to just announce it from stage and hope people heard as they were exiting. Maybe we could send an email, but there’s a chance our members might not see it or read it. But with bots I can send a message out right there and then and literally see people looking at it as they leave.

Another way bots have helped is with making our knowledge base more searchable. Before it was quite hard to access certain documents or advice, but through the bot our users can just type in what they’re looking for and the bot can surface up relevant information.

And then finally, but most importantly, bots have saved us all a huge amount of time in terms of automating various repetitive tasks that we used to have to perform manually. For example, the Hot Seat application process used to take me about 2 days per week as I’d have to manually message our members, see who was available, book them into the calendar and then send them the list of questions. By using a bot we were able to automate the whole thing by using integrations with Calendly to handle the bookings and then the bot would automatically message those who are booked in with the relevant questions. The first time we did this via the bot it took just 10 minutes to set up, I hit send and a few minutes later all the spots for the entire upcoming month were already booked out. I was blown away. Something that used to take up 2 days of my time every other week had just taken me 10 minutes. And now, because of the ability to schedule broadcasts, something that used to take me two days of time each week is completely automated.

How do bots compare to your other communication channels?

If I had to compare it to other channels, I’d say we use bots for more personal communication. And I know that sounds counterintuitive, but because bots can be personalized and talk in a more conversational way, they come across more like a person would. And that’s something a lot of people might forget – just because it’s a bot, doesn’t mean the experience can’t still feel really personal. If you design it right and write it properly, it can be very personal.

I was blown away. Something that used to take up 2 days of my time every other week had just taken me 10 minutes.

Why did you choose The Bot Platform?

We started off looking at the Workplace Partners page and decided to reach out to The Bot Platform and one other partner based on your website and the clarity of your Workplace offering. Then we did the demo and it became apparent very quickly that your platform was going to be super easy to use. I really like the simplicity of the platform and we picked you because of how comfortable we felt with your team – you weren’t just providing us with software, you were providing us with a partnership. And it made me think, I can work with these guys.

What does the future look like for how Wake Up Warriors are using bots on Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook is a core platform for us and bots a key delivery mechanic. We’re very excited about the launch of our Stack bot. We’ve already been using it in a test group and have seen some great results so far. Other than that we’ll be looking to continue to automate various processes using bots, saving us time and speeding up information delivery to our members. We feel like we’ve just started to scratch the surface though with what bots are capable of and how they can help the Wake Up Warrior community, so just watch this space!

Thanks Gus! We’re loving what you’ve been doing with bots on Workplace by Facebook and we’re excited about what we’ll be seeing from you guys in the future!

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