We’ve had a great start to 2019 at The Bot Platform with lots of bot launches, product updates and company news to share.

The One Percent Group

This month we published some sit down interviews with one of our Workplace customers, Steve Bruce from The One Percent Group. With a huge community of personal trainers around North America connected through Workplace by Facebook, The One Percent Group are using bots to automate communication, increase member engagement and event attendance, and save their staff time. Check out the latest testimonial video to hear Steve talk about how bots are helping his team be more productive at work.


Working with The&Partnership, US fashion retailer Chico’s used a Messenger bot to support their national advertising campaign, #HowBoldAreYou, to challenge the societal taboo faced by women: age. Rather than be something to hide, Chico’s wanted to empower women to boldly show off their age. Their Messenger bot generated over a Million message interactions with women around America, with 18% of users adding the campaign frame and 10% clicking through to buy a campaign t-shirt. Read the full case study, here.

Virgin Money London Marathon

Continuing from last year, the Virgin Money London Marathon have refreshed their bot which provides runners with loads of useful information about the event, nutritional tips and advice to help you get a personal best on race day. If you know someone running the marathon this year, or if you’re running 26.2 yourself, make sure you check out their awesome Messenger bot by clicking here.


Following the success of the bots for their hit U.S. TV Shows, Shameless and Billions, Showtime have launched a new network bot that aims to provide customer support and information on the latest shows, movies and sports available on Showtime. Get your Showtime fix by playing with the bot, here.

The AICP Awards

The AICP teamed up with NYC based creative agency, JOAN, and The Bot Platform to create a bot that helps advertising peeps get their award entries submitted to the AICP and AICP Next Awards. The bot, we’re told, was made by covertly syphoning thinking patterns from the brains of hundreds of the most storied creative directors in the history of advertising and marketing. Have a play with the Creative Director of the future, CD Bot, here.

As always, we’ve continued to add to our feature set and product, so you can build the best bots possible on Workplace by Facebook and Messenger. Here are three new features to start using today!

Broadcast by attribute

You can now broadcast to your users based on actions they have taken within your bot. For example, if you wanted to congratulate those people who scored 10/10 on your quiz, you can send a specific broadcast to them. Huzzah! Or set invisible attributes through your bot, and broadcast to those people who haven’t yet seen a particular message or completed a survey and create a form of nudge. Find out more in our help docs, here.

Workplace Group Triggers

Group triggers are another way to drive engagement of your bot. You can trigger a message to be sent when someone joins or leaves a specific Workplace group. For example, if you have a new starter bot, you could configure the bot to send a message when someone joins your all company group on Workplace. Read about how to do this in our help docs.

Two-factor authentication

Security is a top priority here at The Bot Platform, as such, we have added the option for you to enable two-factor authentication on your account. Read more about our two-factor authentication settings in our help docs. Keep up to date with all of our most recent product changes here.

On top of new bot launches, customer news and product updates, we’ve also had plenty of other things going on too!

Mentoring the next generation

An awesome example of how one of our company values ‘Learn, grow and adapt’ not only helps us become better but also encourages us to help others too, this month one of our Account Executives, Benji, spent time talking to students at his old college, King’s Worcester, as part of their #21stCenturyCareers program about the world of tech, sales and start up life.

Join the team!

If you’re interested in working at a company who celebrates people who learn, grow and adapt, and want to join us on our journey of making people more productive at work, then we’ve got some great news! We’ve got three new roles available in product, sales and marketing. Check out the openings, and get in touch if you’d like to become part of the team!

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