Steve Bruce from The One Percent Group talks about how bots are helping a community of personal trainers on Workplace. 

Hi Steve - could you start by telling us a bit about The One Percent Group and what you do there?

The One Percent is a company that helps online personal trainers grow and scale their businesses, and create a movement of people that follow their expertise on nutrition, exercise and fitness.

The company is made up of a group of business owners, and my job is to run the marketing operations and ensure that our clients are engaging with training materials and educational programs that will help drive their personal training businesses forward.

How is Workplace used to connect your staff and members?

Workplace is our hub. It’s where everyone is located and how we all connect with each other. It’s used for internal communication with our staff, management teams and company stakeholders and external communication with our members and clients.

We organized our Workplace instance into multiple groups, with each having a specific theme and clear purpose. Some groups are optional and more for thought leadership and discussion, others are mandatory and where key information, business updates and training information is housed.

Can you tell us about some of the bots you’ve built using our platform?

The first set of bots we built were designed to automate broadcasts to our various community groups, ensuring that important updates and content would be seen and responded to by group members. Because we were growing so quickly, we needed a way to effectively communicate with our 200+ clients over time. Bots immediately solved this problem.

We then built a bot that guides members through our 12 month business training program. The bot provides a seamless experience that ensures members are being sent the relevant materials at the right time, encourages interaction and facilitates member feedback. Because the bot is able to automate broadcasts to specific personal trainers over time, we’re able to provide personalized programs to each member at scale.

Weekly meetings have also been improved by having a bot that sends out a form for people to complete ahead of the meeting which keeps everyone focussed and on track, and sending meeting reminders 30 minutes beforehand to increase attendance.

In general, bots have become our main communication lines between us and our members on Workplace.

What are some of the benefits you’re seeing from bots on Workplace?

One of the most immediate benefits we saw was from a time saving perspective. And we’re not talking minutes, we’re talking hours and hours of time every week.

Let’s take the process of reminding members about training and events. Previously, that could easily take up 10-20 hours a week to do manually, and even then it would be hard to stay on top of who had been contacted, confirm their attendance and remind them before the training began. Now, with bots, not only are those processes completely automated, but they’re actually helping to generate better results. We’re seeing engagement rates double immediately after a bot is integrated into a certain group or training program.

The impact of message broadcasts in terms of visibility and member engagement is also huge. We’re regularly seeing a 100% sent and received rate. More people are responding to messages, engaging in groups, showing up at events and participating in general areas of our program because of bots.

And then, as well as saving our staff time and increasing member engagement, bots are also allowing us to provide personalized business development and training at scale.

Without Workplace and the bots we have, we would not be where we are today.

What’s it been like working with The Bot Platform?

Overall, the experience has been amazing. When we were researching companies that could help us create the kind of tools and bots we knew our staff and community needed, The Bot Platform immediately stood out as a company that could, and would, help us.

The Bot Platform was very helpful from the moment we started talking, and the experience and expertise of the team meant that getting our first bots up and running was a very quick and smooth process.

On top of that, the level of support is excellent. We don’t feel like a random customer who’s using software in a silo. Instead, we feel much more like a valued client of a team that cares a lot about our business and regularly reaches out to ensure we’re building the best bots possible.

Thanks Steve! It’s great to see how Workplace and bots are connecting your company with it’s members, saving staff time, increasing engagement and helping your customer’s businesses grow and scale.

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