The Bot Platform is now an approved vendor for UK government bodies using the G-Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace.

Here at The Bot Platform we’re on a mission to help people be more productive at work, and we’ve seen companies and organisations of all types and sizes benefit from using bots and automation.

Some companies are using bots to automate public facing communications using platforms such as Facebook Messenger, while others use bots to automate internal communications and processes using platforms such as Workplace by Facebook.

The thread, and benefit, remains the same though – bots and automation save companies time, cut costs and allow staff to focus on more important tasks.

As the private sector has benefitted from these channels, tools and technologies, now the public sector are starting to catch on too. More and more, government bodies are starting to make the most of Workplace by Facebook and Messenger, and then contacting us about how bots can benefit their customers and workforce.

What is G-Cloud?

Now in its 11th iteration, G-Cloud has been around since 2012 and generated over £4.72bn of sales, with 45% of this awarded to SMEs like ourselves.

The G-Cloud consists of a series of framework agreements with a database of approved suppliers, from which public sector organisations can buy services without needing to run a full tender or procurement process. For anyone that’s ever had to run one of these, or been through one as a potential supplier, not having to go through this can save huge amounts of time and resources for all parties, while also allowing the government body to remain more agile and implement solutions that benefit their staff and customers quicker.

As such, the G-Cloud framework is an outstanding success story in how to optimize Public Sector procurement policies and processes. And, we’re delighted to announce, The Bot Platform is now an approved supplier on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace!

What it means for us?

With The Bot Platform being awarded a place on G-Cloud 11, this means government bodies (including central, local and public sector) can now use our SaaS platform to build their own bots and automation tools and technologies.

Whether they’re creating ways for residents to easily log times when their bins haven’t been collected so they can quickly be picked up on the next round, or creating internal tools to help their staff connect, collaborate and fetch information on Workplace by Facebook – the opportunities for UK government organisations looking to benefit from automated messaging experiences are now endless.

And, as well as being another thumbs up for how seriously we take security and InfoSec, getting added to G-Cloud 11 also puts The Bot Platform in front of a huge number of government bodies around the country.

We’re looking forward to working with more Public Sector organisations, and excited to see what kind of bots they build in the coming weeks and months.

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