With the World Cup over, and domestic leagues about to kick off, we look at the best bots on Messenger for soccer fans.

The 2018 Russia World Cup was a rollercoaster ride filled with unexpected wins and losses throughout the whole tournament. And while it didn’t come home for England this time, it definitely came home for fan engagement as the World Cup was one of the most searched for and talked about topics around the globe during June and July.

Indeed, on Facebook alone over 383 million people interacted with the tournament and with soccer (or football) having over 3x more followers than any other sport on Facebook, it remains a great platform to connect and engage with fans of the beautiful game.

As such, we thought we’d put a list together of our favourite soccer (football) bots on Messenger to show the different ways soccer (FOOTBALL!) clubs and publishers are keeping their fans entertained and up-to-date.

Toni, the Football Chatbot

The all-in-one bot for all things football, Toni allows you to follow all major European football leagues, as well as the now finished World Cup 2018 tournament. From the Premier League to La Liga, you can specify the league you want to follow and Toni will keep you updated. You can quickly check tables, upcoming fixtures, receive goal alerts and daily roundups. Magnifico!

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Sky Sports, Jeff Bot

Based off the legendary Sky Sports presenter, Jeff Stelling, and touting unparalleled coverage of the Premier League, Jeff Bot gives fans in-depth coverage of everything Premier League related including up-to-the-minute alerts for scores, daily news and videos.

Plus, if you’re feeling lucky (and are over the legal betting age) Jeff Bot will also give you individual player stats and betting odds. Unbelievable, Jeff!  


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Manchester City

Manchester City was the first football team in the world to launch a Messenger Bot back in 2016, continuing the clubs history of pushing innovation (and annoyingly winning Premier League titles in the last minute of the season). The bot allows fans to hear the latest news on the Sky Blues, get team updates, see upcoming fixtures, buy tickets and jerseys.

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Real Madrid

With over 109 million likes, Real Madrid are one of the biggest sports teams in the world on Facebook. This bot will keep the most dedicated fans in the know by allowing them to browse all the latest news on Real Madrid and easily share those news stories with friends.

You can subscribe to the Daily Briefing which delivers the most important news from the Santiago Bernabéu every morning. Another tap gets you the latest results from past matches, as well as the date and time of upcoming matches so you’ll never miss a game.

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Aston Villa

The Aston Villa bot, built using The Bot Platform, not only keeps fans up-to-date with everything happening in the world of Aston Villa including news, scores and videos but also features exclusive GIFs and content made by the players themselves!

Villa fans can play games, complete quizzes and even vote for the Man of the Match after a game has ended, which is a great way for fans to feel closer to the games and players.

Check out the Aston Villa bot here!

iPhone Messenger Soccer Game

Facebook Messenger soccer game

You may already know about the secret basketball game you can play where you try to get as many balls into the hoop as you can but did you know there’s a soccer equivalent?

Simply send a friend the football emoji (⚽️) then tap on it once it’s sent – you’ll enter a secret game of keepy-uppy with a football!

As simple as it seems, it’s definitely anything but easy!

While we’ve listed some great examples of bots built with soccer fans in mind, there still exists a huge opportunity for all soccer clubs and leagues to use Messenger bots to engage with their fans and supporters. Plus, with hundreds of millions of fans of other sports, any and every sports team or league has the potential to be making the most of bots on Messenger.  

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