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For National Stress Awareness Month we’re sharing our favourite initiatives to promote well-being in the workplace and show how automated systems, like our Bots, can support your enterprise.
We explore the benefits of anonymous feedback, and we are also offering a FREE two-month trial to show you just how powerful these anonymous feedback tools can be.
On Friday 3rd March, businesses from all over the World celebrate ‘National Employee Appreciation Day’, in this blog we explain how employee recognition is intrinsically linked to a positive company culture and should be an ongoing priority for business owners, neglected at their peril!
In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we thought it was the perfect time to deep dive into how we can create a great company culture.
Developing more effective leadership skills is a quality that can be taught. At The Bot Platform, we’ve created a customisable coaching Digital Assistant - The Management Coach, to help nurture the leadership skills of your Management Teams.
By making Employee Engagement one of your main priorities for 2023 you can supercharge your team and become the essential positive force that helps them to start the year with ambition and optimism.
According to a study published by HBR, workers toggle between Apps about 1200 times a day.
Our Creative Solutions Architect Melita, recently used The Bot Platform to create a donation bot to support local food banks, here's how she did it.
Following layoffs, those that remain face a rather challenging and often toxic environment. It is vital that the industry leaders who are truly dealing with the grim necessity, use this time to look through their business to help ease the burden for those that remain.
This year more than ever, it’s been tough and for many businesses it feels like they have been weathering the storm. With all this in mind, it’s important to show appreciation for your staff.
Being able to clearly communicate the benefits of your plan to decision makers is an art, and there is a lot to consider. So here are 9 ways to get your budget over the line.
There is a cost-effective and time saving solution to event planning available to alleviate the burden and still ensure your team has fun.