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Acronym directories

Create an interactive directory of company acronyms and terminology.
Allow employees to easily find information

Every company has its own ever-growing list of acronyms and terminology that are designed to save employees time and improve recall of the underlying meaning. Unfortunately, acronyms are so common in our language that their meanings are often misinterpreted. And, as well as being hard to stay on top of, they can also lead to confusion and anxiety for new staff members.

According to The Muse, while some of us have the guts to ask for clarification when we have no idea what’s being said, others cringe at the thought of asking potentially “stupid” questions.

Using an Acronym bot, staff can privately look up phrases they’re unsure of, familiarize themselves with popular company terminology and submit new acronyms for review to be added to the directory.

This allows users to look up any company acronym from a database. If the acronym exists, they get the meaning. If it doesn’t exist, they have the option of adding it if they know the meaning or submitting it for review to a database manager if they don’t.

Key screens and features

See an Acronym directory in action

Main Benefits

How can an Acronym Directory help you?

Improve onboarding
Highlight popular terminology
Searchable across devices
Accessible anywhere
Evolving database
Faster resolution times
Dixons Carphone, UK

Dixons Carphone involved staff in defining their new corporate values

What will you build?

Build your own acronym assistant with The Bot Platform

Easily create your own knowledge tools and integrate them with Workplace from Meta, Microsoft Teams or any digital communication platform of your choice.

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