Supercharge your employee recognition program on Workplace

To celebrate Employee Appreciation Day on March 5th, we’re giving you the opportunity to use The Bot Platform to build and launch a revamped employee recognition program for your staff on Workplace. 

The importance of recognizing your staff

Every year on the first Friday in March, companies and organizations take it upon themselves to celebrate Employee Appreciation day – and for a good reason. 77% of employees say they “don’t feel strongly valued for the work that they do” and 36% say a lack of recognition is “the number one reason they’re considering switching jobs.”

Employee Appreciation Day is a chance for employers to take the time to thank their hard-working staff, and ultimately improve culture, morale and overall retention.

But, for those that either don’t have a recognition program in place or believe their current one could be improved, it also represents a great moment to take a step back and think about how to truly improve the way staff are rewarded and recognized, whether it be by their managers or their peers.

Keep scrolling for three different ways bots can be used to create a culture of recognition on Workplace, and apply for a free trial to build one yourself!

Peer-led recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition encourages employees to make deeper, personal connections with their team members and to thank them for their contributions, either privately or publicly.

Build a bot that allows staff to share personalized thank you notes with their colleagues or pick from a series of pre-approved company recognition templates. Easily keep track of staff who have received and given the most recognition.

Value-led recognition

In a recent survey, 89% of HR leaders agreed that ongoing recognition tied to core company values is the most effective. Having staff think about company values when recognising their colleagues not only makes those values seem more real and tangible, but also better integrates them into every day working life.

Create a guided experience on Workplace or Microsoft Teams that allows staff to nominate colleagues and assign specific company values to their actions and achievements.

Company awards

Create a more pointed moment of time when employees are rewarded and recognised with a bot that allows staff to nominate colleagues for specific awards.

Staff can nominate colleagues and include additional details as to why they deserve the reward, or vote on a shortlist of candidates. Award categories could include stand out team, best project, inspiring leader, unsung hero, outstanding contribution, or any others you could think of!

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No matter what type of recognition program you want to build on Workplace from Facebook – make sure you build it using The Bot Platform.

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