The One Percent Group

How bots and Workplace are helping a community of personal trainers to grow and scale their businesses.
Project Objective:

Scaling business


The One Percent Group

Project Completion:

December 2018


Creating training courses and educational programs, with bots on Workplace

The One Percent Group, a company that helps online personal trainers grow and scale their businesses, had a rapidly growing community of members that they needed to communicate with and provide training information and materials to. Using The Bot Platform, they’ve been able to deploy a number of bots that are saving their staff time, increasing member engagement and providing personalized business development and training at scale.

The challenge

The One Percent Group provides training and support to over 200 personal trainers around North America. Through Workplace, they communicate with their staff, management teams and company stakeholders, as well as with their members and clients.


As their number of clients grew, it was getting harder to effectively communicate with each of their members and keep track of their progress.


The One Percent Group were looking for a platform that would enable them to quickly and easily build their own bots on Workplace that would automate group broadcasts, schedule event reminders and deliver personalized content and tailored training programs at scale.

The solutions

The first set of bots built by The One Percent Group were designed to automate broadcasts to their various community groups. With each group on Workplace having a specific theme and purpose, the bot is able to ensure that the most important updates and content are seen by group members.


Bots have also been used to improve meetings, video calls and events by providing information ahead of time which helps keep everyone focussed and on track, as well as sending out reminders to increase attendance and participation.


The One Percent Group are also using bots to deliver personalized training at scale for their 12 month business training program. The bot provides a seamless experience that ensures personal trainers are being sent the relevant materials at the right time, encourages interaction and facilitates member feedback.


Business impact

By utilizing bots, certain tasks that used to take between 10-20 hours of time every week are now being completely automated. And, as well as saving their staff time, these bots are also helping to generate better results. Engagement rates have doubled immediately after a bot is integrated into a certain group or training program, they are regularly seeing a 100% send and receive rate with members and more people are showing up at events and participating in general areas of their program because of bots.

Because we were growing so quickly, we needed a way to effectively communicate with our 200+ clients over time. Bots immediately solved this problem.
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Steve Bruce
The One Percent Group

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