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Learn five easy ways to improve company connection and collaboration using bots on Workplace

The modern work environment seems to be broken. Atmospheres that used to promote productivity and teamwork now evoke feelings of stress and isolation.

Three out of four employees rate teamwork collaboration as “very important,” yet only 27% are confident in their communication role at work. Organizations that fail to create an open environment for their employees need to take a hard look at company culture and the expectations they are setting around conversations and collaboration at work.

By emphasizing a need to collaborate, large organizations can change cultural dynamics in the workplace to match the needs of their employees and improve job performance. To help you walk the path to better collaboration, check out the webinar recording below to learn about five ways Workplace and bots can solve common communication problems, increase company connection and encourage staff collaboration.


Increase collaboration with bots on Workplace


Suitable for tech and non-tech people


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This on-demand webinar is suitable for tech and non-tech people looking to improve their company collaboartion using bots and Workplace by Facebook.

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