Olympique de Marseille

How Olympique de Marseille are using bots on Workplace to automate event communication and connect staff to leadership.
Project Objective:

Communication automation


Olympique de Marseille

Project Completion:

March 2019


Improving processes and connectivity

Improving processes and connectivity
Olympique de Marseille wanted to bring its network of 300 employees together by utilising bots on Workplace from Facebook to eliminate communication barriers, automate tasks and connect leadership and staff.

The challenge

If you’re a football fan then you’ll have heard of Olympique de Marseille. They play in the top tier of French football, have won ten official league titles, ten Coupes de France, three Coupes de la Ligue and are the first and only French club to win the UEFA Champions League.

As well as the managers, trainers, and players on the pitch – every day there are over 300 people working hard behind the scenes. OM is organized into three units: Sports, Corporate (finances, HR, legal, etc) and the Business unit (media, comms, marketing, rev, etc).

In order for the team to succeed and the club to do as well as possible, all these different units need to play together in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Frédérique Alverola, Director of Human Resources at Olympique de Marseille, was looking for a tool to help her automate tasks, improve communication throughout every level within the organization and better connect staff and leadership. They needed a platform that was easy to use at scale, reliable and provided the support she would need.

The solutions

The first bot Olympique de Marseille rolled out using The Bot Platform was designed to communicate information to staff for an upcoming event.

The Afterwork Olympique de Marseille bot was built as an event bot to share information, answer FAQs, and gather event feedback from staff. Frédérique’s team saw bots as a solution to excite and motivate staff to come to the event, as well as alleviate pressure on the organising team by automating the mass of questions they usually get asked by staff.

The Afterwork event bot showcased the fun culture at OM by turning the event information into a useful and fun experience that was packed with GIFs and inside jokes.

After the event took place, a quick survey was then sent by the bot to everyone in the company, including all their distributed employees. The feedback OM collected from event attendees was then used to improve on the event experience for next year.

The next bot built by OM helped connect and improve communication between leadership and staff. After a recent survey, staff had given feedback with ways that the leadership Q&A process could be improved, and said that they wanted to be able to ask questions in advance in an anonymous setting rather than having to do it in person during the company meeting.

As such, OM built an Ask The Boss bot that allows staff to ask anonymous questions to the CEO and COO that they can then answer during their monthly meeting. These questions are then automatically posted to a private group for the CEO and COO to read and prepare for accordingly before the call.

The bot collects questions from staff both before and during the live broadcast meeting, allowing them to feel like their voices are being heard in a crowd of 120+ people, while removing the fear or embarrassment of asking a question in front of all your peers.

Business impact

Before using bots on Workplace, Frédérique and her team members used to handle the entire event planning and information sharing process. To make things more complex, this event happens to land during the busiest and most difficult time of year which previously used to make their already stretched staff even more overloaded.

After launching the Afterwork Olympique de Marseille bot, Frédérique felt the positive impact of a lighter workload and automated event communication process. Previously her team was spending over four hours dedicated to answering questions from staff but thanks to the bot not only were all the questions automatically answered but she also saw a 20% increase in the number of event sign-ups and attendees.

Thanks to the new anonymized Q&A process that was enabled by the Ask the Boss bot, the OM team immediately saw a change in the quantity and quality of questions being asked. Previously, only one or two people would be brave enough to ask their questions during the company meetings, and even then the questions were always based on broad subjects. After launching the bot, OM has seen a 15x increase in the number of questions being asked by staff, as well as far more specific and meaningful questions being asked to the leadership team.


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more event sign ups and attendees
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increase in questions asked by staff
Workplace gives our staff a channel to connect with each other and our leadership team. Bots give people a voice and the freedom to ask the questions they really want to ask.
Frédérique Alverola
Director of Human Resources

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