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How Sony Music Latin built a Messenger Chatbot for fan engagement

April 11, 2018

We caught up with Aileen Fernandez, Digital Marketing Coordinator for Sony Music Latin to see what she thought of the new chatbot and to get her thoughts on the future. 

What does your bot do?

The Sony Music Latin Messenger Bot was generated for our fans. Fans can message us on our Facebook and receive instant replies programmed on our end about all of our releases, news updates, games, unlocks of exclusive artist content, personalized video ID’s from our artists and so much more. 

It’s intended to give fans an easy way to listen to our current releases and learn about upcoming releases at the touch of their keyboard.

What was the problem that needed to be solved? 

Giving fans exactly what they are searching for in a non-promotional and unique way. 

Why did you choose The Bot Platform? 

Having a large roster in a broad range of genres made this setup a bit complicated due to the amount of keywords and commands we had to incorporate to make the experience gratifying for the user. 

The Bot Platform was a great platform to easily be able to update these keywords and messages on a weekly basis and is well worth the time effort to understand the ins and outs of it! 

How has The Bot Platform helped you solve that problem? 

We’ve been able to connect with our fans in such a different approach through social media. The more we utilize the platform, the more we realize there’s a way to connect all these messages back together to make sure fans are getting the most out of this experience.

What was your approach towards building the bot? 

Giving fans a sense of personalization is key as things continue to keep changing in digital marketing. Our need to communicate to our base, having over 670k followers, it can be difficult to reach each and every fan. This bot closes that gap and gives Sony Music Latin a more personalized approach to our audience. 

What does the future of your bot look like? 

The future of our bot depends on the continuous feedback we receive from our fans. 

While we continue to update our messages on a weekly basis from our new releases and activations, we are also listening and reading what our fans are asking for to better understand who they are as fans and what their consumption habits consist of. 

What do you think about the future of bots? 

There is a huge, untapped potential for messenger bots in the Latin music industry. 

We’ve seen some artists and DJ’s make use of the bot to increase awareness of releases and boost sales and streams, but we’re happy to say we’re the first Latin label to give this a try! 

We believe this tool will eventually, if not already, be used to search trending tags and releases, similar to a hashtag search on Instagram.

Thanks Aileen! We're glad to be of assistance and look forward to serving the fans.

Be sure to check out the bot for yourself here:

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