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8 points to consider when planning your first chatbot - (plus FREE template)

April 23, 2018

Building your first chatbot? Want to make sure it’s a success but unsure where to start? Read on to find out exactly how to map out your best bot.

You want to build your first bot and you want to make sure it’s a great success. Of course you do and of course we do too! But there are many things to consider to ensure a successful planning and launch of your bot. Let’s jump right in.

You download your template HERE and follow along if you like.

1. The purpose of our bot is…

First and foremost, do you know why you want a bot? Have you and your team discussed why you need a bot to accomplish your goals? 

Having this discussion about which goals you wish your new bot to accomplish will save you a lot of time down the road when you’re focused on the intricacies of the bot itself.

2. The bot’s goals are…

Second most important, what are the key goals for your bot to achieve?

It can be to drive engagement, drive traffic or to generate hype before a product launch by drip feeding teaser material for example.

It may seem simple but mapping this down is an important step.

3. The metrics we’ll use to measure the bot’s success are…

Which metrics will you use to determine success? These are your Key Performance Indicators that steer the ship towards the goals.

Examples can be Click Through Rate, subscriber growth and engagement levels. 

4. The bot will be used by…

Determine who you’re building this bot for. You probably already have your customer and user personas built so this can guide this answer very well.

5. The bot needs to be able to…

What do you want the bot to allow users to do? What would you like it do for you? Some great examples we have seen:

  • To allow users to engage with content interesting to them (i.e. a personalised content feed)
  • Have the bot story-tell in a powerful way, consistent with brand guidelines.

6. The bot’s tone of voice will be…

Spend some time mapping out what how you would like your bot to come across. 

Don’t spend too much time here though. Unless the voice of your company is a unique aspect of your overall brand, it’s okay to have professional, friendly and relatable for this section.

7. The bot will provide value to people by…

This will vary greatly depending on your business, target personas and goals. 

Think big picture though and practise empathy: think “if I were to interact with this bot, why would I come back?” 

As marketeers, we need to provide value in some way to our customer. Even if that value is simply a well executed personalised content delivery bot that excites users. 

8. We will attract people to use the bot by…

How will you drive people to your shiny new bot? 

Paid Facebook ads and deep links from your website and owned media work great!

There you have it! You'll be well on your way to planning out your first chatbot. If you have any question, do email us at or start a chat!

Have a great day.

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