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September 28, 2017

It can be hard for HR and Comms teams to understand the benefits of bots without seeing their automation in action. So we've made our first four Workplace bots available as a demo in Messenger, accessible by everyone.

Demo Workplace bots.

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The demo includes...

MOODBOT. Cut costs for Gallup-style satisfaction surveys, and make them more efficient by chasing tardy respondents. This bot is built to allow HR to write a survey at 9AM, launch at 10AM, and have the results on the CEO's desk by 4PM.

NEW STARTER BOT. Drip feed new starters the information they need to retain; automatically schedule follow up training; test retention of important information at the end of training.

CRISISBOT. Ask staff to check in throughout an event; keep them updated throughout an event, including managing crisis-response teams or wardens. Checking in is important, but we see that as the first of many necessary steps.

IDEABOT (also known as NAPKINBOT). Lets staff send ideas, images and video to HR and Comms teams (whether on the back of a napkin or not), letting HR grade the best responses and reflect them back to the organisation.

Used by brands, musicians & celebrities

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BBC, CBSFacebook, Samsung, Showtime, Aston Villa FC, Johnson & JohnsonWaterAid
and many others are already using The Bot Platform.

Featured by The DrumForbesThe Guardian and more.

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"The bot deconstructs what we know and what we don’t know, cutting out the political jargon and putting things in simple terms."

Mark Frankel

Social Media Editor @ BBC News